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Sunriver Spring Break To-Do Checklist

Sunriver Spring Break To-Do Checklist

Even though it’s technically still winter, now is the time to start thinking about the upcoming spring season! Don’t be that last minute person who waits until March or April to make spring break plans. Your kids, your family, and – yes – YOU deserve to have a fun, memorable spring break. It would be so unfortunate if your spring break ended up spent indoors on the couch doing nothing spectacular. Meanwhile all of your friends are posting their incredible vacation on social media. Bummer! 

This year, do something better for spring break. Here is our Sunriver Spring Break Checklist

Spring Break Things-To-Do Checklist 

  • Big Game of Dodgeball in Ft Rock Park
  • Country Store S’mores Ingredients
  • Take a Walk Through The Village 
  • BBQ at Your Vacation Home
  • Riding Bikes to the Horse Stables
  • Sunriver Landmark Scavenger Hunt by Bike
  • Kids v. Adults Basketball Game at Fort Rock Park
  • Create a Nature Collage Poster
  • Book a Family Photo Shoot
  • Potluck Picnic at Fort Rock Park Pavilion
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