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Rent your Sunriver home

We’ll take immaculate care of your home and find renters to offset expenses when you’re not enjoying it.

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at its finest.

The secret to affording a second home is renting it while you’re away, but running a rental business is no vacation. With Bennington, we do it all for you – from photography and marketing, to cleaning and maintaining the property.


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Our cleaning staff has been trained to follow strict cleaning protocols before and after each guest arrives. We require tenants to verify their identity and offer liability protection and security services to homeowners.

Our on-site staff is available 24/7 to respond to sudden tenant emergencies. When your home is vacant, we’ll provide property management and maintenance services.

Our team will help stage your home, take professional photos, and list your property on our website and online travel agencies such as Airbnb and VRBO.

Meet Sunriver's best housekeepers

Learn more about how our housekeepers provide the best property care in Sunriver.

What homeowners say about us

Cheri Filker
5 Mt Baker

Bennington has been a pleasure to work with all of this time.

A little history…we have been with Bennington for 10+ years, having been with two previous property management companies prior.  We have a four bedroom house, 1900+ sq ft., sleeps 10, off of Circle 11. We purchased our house in 1998 for a vacation rental and signed on with Ridgepine. They were sold after a few years to the Sunriver Lodge and we went with the Lodge. Ridgepine was pretty good, but nickel and dimed us to death with fees for everything, and the Lodge was a disaster ( hardly rented, always a bad excuse for no nights, no communication, and as a result, very poor revenue, etc). We were impressed with how Bennington treated us as potential clients, came out to the house, asked a lot of questions and we liked the fact that they stayed in contact with us.

Bennington has been a pleasure to work with all of this time. They have rented the house consistantly, providing a very nice revenue stream that pays the bills!  We are not “fee’d” to death, a modest monthly fee takes care of a lot, no linen fees, and no fee everytime maintenence sets foot on your property, which really adds up! The house is well maintained, housekeeping does a great job of keeping things cleaned and maintained, and if there is something that needs attention, we are promptly notified and usually given options.. if they can take care of it or if we need to do something, and usually a ballpark of what it might cost.  They have a great list of vendors for maintenance and repairs that others in the program have used and had success with. The communication is great, Robert gives his “Tuesdays with Robert” emails every Tuesday as to what is going on in Sunriver, the rental market, or whatever is  on his mind.  They have a designated contact in the office if I have any questions or problems and they are always professional and prompt with a reply. We have only had one issue with maintenance in our 10 year relationship and, once it was identified, was taken care of promptly at their expense.

Bennington has select programs that you can participate in, or not, totally optional and no pressure.  We are a “Family Friendly” rental which means we provide a high chair, pack n play crib, safety gates etc (they will give you a list of things which must be provided). We are also “Pet Friendly”. They screen the renters pets and have limits on the number of animals, and the have rules associated with them.  Surprisingly, there is no damage and the routine wear and tear hasn’t changed much since we went on these programs.  We have found that these programs have increased our rental revenue and have been totally worth doing.

We find that Bennington is very progressive with the rental pricing that they offer.  They are well tuned to the current rental marketplace and are always monitoring the suggested price per night, and possible new options that they can offer to attract new customers.  They offer many options for potential renters throughout the season which will bring additional revenue during the shoulder seasons when the units are harder to rent. It is rare that we have a month without bookings, which used to be common for us.

As you can see, we have had a very positive experience with Bennington and would highly recommend them as property managers.

Debbie Heiser
Power Village Condo

The income our condo has generated has more than met our expectations.

We purchased our Sunriver condo with the plan of managing it ourselves as a short term rental,

as well as personal vacation use.  We quickly realized management involved more than we thought,

with guest needs and expectations, property maintenance, taxes and legal considerations, etc. It soon

became a major source of stress and tension.


We turned to Bennington because of their reputation for clean, high quality rentals.  For a very

reasonable management fee they professionally handle every aspect of our rental.  Even though our

property is smaller (and less profitable) than some others we have felt welcomed and valued as

Bennington property owners and our condo expertly maintained.


The income our condo has generated has more than met our expectations, especially during the

“off seasons”,  spring and fall.  And imagine our surprise July and August 2020, at the height of the

pandemic, we had 2 of our highest income months ever!  This speaks to the confidence  guests

feel in the ability of Bennington to provide safe, clean accommodations.

Dick Andersen
3 Cedar

Retaining Bennington Properties was the best decision I have ever made. 

A few years ago I decided to turn my SR house over to a property manager.  I did not want just any manager to takeover and run a high volume of renters with little or no oversight.  A talked with my SR neighbors and full time residents Frank & Barbara Brocker about SR property managers.  Without hesitation,  they referred me to Robert Bennington, a highly respected property manager in SR.  I contacted Bennington Properties and met with Jessica Pritchard and the rest is history.  I have been totally satisfied with every aspect of Bennington Properties management.  Retaining Bennington Properties was the best decision I have ever made.  Jessica and the entire Bennington staff have done an excellent job in renting and maintaining my property.  I would recommend Bennington Properties to anyone looking for a property manager without hesitation.

Clark & Pam Anderson
8 Big Sky

We look forward to continuing our partnership in the years to come.

Bennington Properties has been our Sunriver property manager since 2005. They ensure that the property is not only well maintained and our guests are supported exceptionally well, but that we, as owners, are well represented in all property management policies and actions.  They operate a very professional organization and stay current and informed with property management / lodging industry developments. 

We are very pleased with our relationship with Bennington Properties and their effective way of maintaining a positive balance between their owners, guests and the Sunriver community.  We look forward to continuing our partnership in the years to come.

Martha & Pedro Medelius
16 Cultus

They go above and beyond to take care of their guests and owners alike.

My husband Pedro and I have been working with Bennington Properties for over ten years, starting when we bought our vacation home. We are always amazed at the level of service that Bennington provides. They go above and beyond to take care of their guests and owners alike. They are always on top of every detail so we never need to worry about our home and it’s upkeep. Housekeeping does a phenomenal job and our home is consistently spotless. Communication is excellent and our questions or concerns are promptly answered.

They have continuously done a great job of renting our home; summer’s are booked almost solid, the shoulder seasons are getting stronger every year, and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are almost always booked.

We would strongly recommend Bennington Properties for anyone who is seeking a property management company who excels in every way and who will greatly increase your home’s rental capabilities.

Gregg & Janet Brandon
11 Dutchman

Since switching to Bennington, it has been a game changer.

We have had our rental home listed with Bennington Property Management for almost a year now. The entire Bennington team is extremely professional and quick to respond to questions.  Previously we were with another agency.  We were not satisfied on so many different levels. Since switching to Bennington, it has been a game changer. I no longer worry about the condition and care of our home.  Each time we stay at our home, it is as clean as my primary home!!  Our home sleeps 18 and has 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It is not an easy home to keep clean and quickly turn for summer use. Yet, it is always fresh and spotless.  Our hot tub is also so clean and inviting. With the other company we were constantly having problems and issues and it was never clean when we arrived.  Our home is listed with the best agency and I do not worry about what shape I will find my home when I am there.

Garry Kunkel
5 Leisure

They’re a unique company that has made us glad we’ve stuck with them all these years.

We’ve been with them close to 20 years when company was started by Robert’s parents, Gene & Penny Bennington.  We’ve been impressed from the beginning with the company’s attention to detail and focus on quality service, which has continued and matured since Robert took over as CEO some years ago.  Robert brings a level of innovation and energy that keeps them leaders in the business.  He attracts and keeps some of the highest quality people we’ve had the pleasure to work with.  Their responsiveness is top-notch, they go out of their way to solicit input and feedback from the owners, and they act on the feedback.  The company works hard to meet the owner’s goals in terms of rental revenue while being very flexible about each owners’ goals for personal use.  We’re  always impressed with the state of the art changes we see being implemented constantly by a company who clearly prides itself on being the best they can be in a competitive and tough business.  We know you won’t be disappointed having your property managed by Bennington’s.  They’re a unique company that has made us glad we’ve stuck with them all these years.

Mike Fohl
4 Virginia Rail

Bennington is excellent at using all resources to generate income for my home.

Wow, where do I begin with Bennington. I was with another rental agency in SUNRIVER for 20 years and was averaging $15,000 annual gross income on my home. I switched on June 15 of 2017 and grossed well over my best year with the prior company in less than 6 months. Subsequent years continue to be more than twice the income. Bennington is excellent at using all resources to generate income for my home. The cleaning and care of the home is superior and the complete staff is most responsive to your every need. Robert, Jessica, Erica, Phillip and all the rest are simply the best Managers for my home that I can imagine. Thanks guys.

How much can you earn?

The average annual income from a rental property in Sunriver is $40,000. Gross rent for a vacation rental depends on many factors, including: amount of owner use, location, age, online reviews, appearance, amenities, and more. Download our free rental income guide to discover your property's income potential, as well as learn more about Bennington's inclusive commission program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of vacation rentals vs. traditional lease agreements?

Vacation rentals are more flexible and lucrative than standard leases, giving you the ability to earn more and diversify risk across multiple tenants. With traditional leases, you don’t get to use the property and can’t change prices easily. You may even need to spend your own marketing dollars to find tenants or hire an agent to do it for you.

Why should I work with Bennington Properties over Airbnb?

The problem is many vacation rentals lack the customer service and responsiveness you need to rent with confidence. Airbnb is more work-intensive because it will fall on you, the host, to ensure the property is in tip-top shape all the time and manage communications. Managing your housekeeping, property maintenance, and supplies all yourself, increases your operating costs and headaches.


At Bennington Properties, we handle those things for you. As a rental partner, you’ll receive 24/7 year-round care that includes: housekeeping services, property maintenance, property inspections, and complimentary toiletries at no extra charge. We also pay all credit card fees, state and country lodging taxes, and will provide you financial assistance to upgrade your home.

Do you do any advertising?

We’ll market and promote your property to over 35,000 of our current customers, and on sites like Sunriver Blog, VRBO, Airbnb,, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

What are property owners responsible for?

Homeowners need to acquire vacation rental insurance and ensure all utilities are active, including weekly hot tub service.

How do you protect owners from property damage?

We inspect for damage after every departure, hold guests accountable for damage they cause, and we cover up to $2500 in damage costs per reservation.

How much does it cost to rent out my property?

We charge a commission only. No hidden fees or nickel-and-diming. Our commission is determined based on your needs and goals. However, lower commissions with fees are available if you prefer.

How and when will I receive payments?

Once guests depart, you’ll receive payments and a monthly statement by the 15th of the following month. All payments, rates, and upcoming reservations can be viewed inside our member portal.

Interested in renting out your vacation home?

Click the button to schedule a consultation with our owner services team to discuss your earning potential and answer any additional questions you may have.

Full-service vacation rental sales and management company in Sunriver, Oregon

56842 Venture Lane
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Sunriver, Oregon 97707




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