Who is Bennington Properties?

To our guests: We are your concierge, personal travel guide, and vacation planner to the Sunriver vacation experience.   We offer a personalized and unique service built around your needs as a guest.  

To our owners: We are your hands, eyes, and ears for your Sunriver or Caldera Springs investment.

Our Bennington Ho'okipa Culture

Written by Robert Bennington

My great, great, great grandparents first moved to Hawaii from New England in 1841 as a part of the large group of Christian missionaries who travelled to Hawai’i between the years of 1820 and 1860. My family left the comforts of their New England life style and spent over 6 months aboard a small sailing ship, rounding the treacherous Cape Horn to eventually make it to the unknown world of the Sandwich Islands (the name given to Hawai’i by Captain Cook).

My grandparents loved God and the Hawaiian people and much of my family remains on the islands today. That love for God and others is what defines the Bennington family today. It is our family purpose. In the Hawaiian language, the way we show our love for others is through what we call ho’okipa.

Ho‘okipa means to welcome all with unconditional love (aloha). It is the complete giving of oneself; unselfishly extending to others the best that we have to give. There is complete generosity in Ho‘okipa: We call it lokomaika‘i, “the generosity of good heart.” Those who aspire to the best practice of this value are highly empathetic, and very perceptive in anticipating the needs of others: We call them Mea Ho‘okipa (host, or hostess).  Here is how we practice ho'okipa it at Bennington Properties:

1. Heart – We have genuine care, empathy, and unconditional love for others.
2. We engage others with warmth and generosity. Caring about as well as caring for others.
3. We take responsibility for others well-being, comfort, and joy. Following-up and following-through.
4. We Hug! – We build long lasting relationships with others.
5. We take care of ourselves, each other, and our jobs.

The Value of Relationships

The culture of Bennington Properties is all about relationships. If you look at our company values, they describe our relationships with each other, our community, and our customers.

1. We live with integrity and strive for excellence in all that we do.
2. We make every effort to support and help each other; everything is in our job description.
3. We practice extraordinary communication; following up and following through.
4. We WOW our guests; exceeding their expectations.
5. We take time to invest in relationships with our guests; we are “huggers.”

Relationship is defined as “the way in which two or more people are connected.” Whether we like it or not, we are in some form of relationship with everyone that we come in contact with, whether that person is the clerk at the grocery store or our own mother. What that relationship is like can be influenced by me alone, the other person alone, or both of us.

We use the word “hug” or “hugging” to refer to the role we play in our relationships with our community and our customers. In the simplest sense, a hug is anything that expresses sincere care for another and has a positive impact on our relationships. A hug can be as commonplace as a smile or eye contact. It could be a firm handshake. It could be remembering someone’s name, even though it’s only the second time you’ve seen him, and the first time was two years ago. It could be asking about a person’s children, and knowing their names and ages, even though there are five of them. It’s remembering where they work, their dog’s name, where they are from or what they love about Sunriver. It is knowing who THEY are and what is unique about them. Hugging as a way of thinking about people, not as a job to get done, but as people, real people who at their core - are just like us. 

Meet The Bennington Team

We are fortunate at Bennington Properties to have had and to continue to have an incredible family of associates.  Vacation Rental Hospitality is a 24/7, 365 day a year business.  We are working while everyone else is playing and our guests, owners, and properties are constantly under our care.  It takes hard work, smart work, and dedication to make sure that every person and property under our care receives the highest level of attention.  Here are some of the great people currently a part of the Bennington Properties team.

Meet our Housekeeping Team

Meet our Office Team

Meet our Management Team

Meet The Bennington Family

Bennington Properties is truly a family business. The founders of the company, Gene and Penny, celebrated 41 years of marriage before Penny's passing in 2016. Penny’s sister, Carolyn, was an instrumental part of the company from its beginning and in 2006 Gene and Penny’s son Robert and his wife Holly joined the team.  Learn more about the Bennington Family.

What We Love About Bennington Properties

When we asked our team what they loved most about Bennington Properties and what we offer our guests and owners, here is what they said:

That we are Genuine & Sincere
That we love families and children
That we love dogs
Our family of Bennington Associates 
Our heart and compassion as a company
That we are flexible and fair
That we offer something for everyone
That we are proactive
That we are progressive trend setters
That we love and care for our community
That we put an emphasis on quality and relationships

What We Love About Our Guests & Owners

When we asked our team what they loved most about our guests and owners, here is what they said:

Their excitement for coming to and being in Sunriver
That they are celebrating something or someone special
Their love of Sunriver
Their love of family and that they are coming to Sunriver to spend time with their family
That they travel with their dogs which means they love their dogs like we do!
Their stories and that they are living and have lived fascinating lives
Their love of Bennington Properties
How happy they are - its infectious!

We Support Our Community

As a family and as a company we are passionate about causes that further the lives of children, families and Veterans. We also support programs focused on education and animal welfare. Click here for more information about our giving priorities and processes or to submit a support request.

We Love Oregon!

It is important to us at Bennington Properties that we take care of and protect this place and community we call home. It is a blessing to live in such an amazing place surrounded by such beautiful and wondrous natural ecology and such great people. We are continually looking for new and innovative ways to do business in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and community friendly way. We welcome your feedback and ideas. Here a few ways we are trying to make a difference in our little part of the world.

Natural Cleaning Solutions

The majority of all cleaning done by the Bennington Properties housekeeping team is done with a product called Envirox Concentrate 118.  This non-chemical cleaner is a combination of hydrogen peroxide, orange peel oil, and water and is effective at killing 99% of all germs.

We Recycle

It may not seem like that big of deal in todays society, but Sunriver does not have a curbside recycling pick-up (can you say "get with the times").  In order to recycle in Sunriver, we provide a set of recycling containers in every property.  Our housekeeping team then empties these recycling containers and transports the recycling items to the local recycle center.  Recycling has a high cost for us and most of our competitors don't recycle, but we are Oregonians, we have to recycle . . .  it is in our blood.

Ozone Laundry System

Ozone (O3), commonly referred to as “Natures’ Sanitizer,” because it occurs naturally in the environment (most commonly during thunder storms) iand s a strong oxidizer and sanitizer.  Ozone is used in hospitals to effectively kill bacteria and viruses. Ozone is also used by the bottled water industry to destroy algae and bacteria in the purification of drinking water and in the food processing industry to kill bacteria such as E. coli.  What are the benefits of having an Ozone Laundry System?

Safer Linens Eliminates harmful bacteria more effectively than bleach 
Conserves Energy Ozone requires cold water so it eliminates the need to heat water
Reduces Chemical Use Reduces the amount of chemicals dumped into the environment by over 50%
Reduces Waste Not as harsh on linens as bleach & hot water – longer life for linens 
Conserves Water Shorter wash cycles
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