Robert W. Bennington

Born in Hawaii, Robert Bennington has lived most of his life embodying the Hawaiian, “Aloha Spirit.” The Hawaiian culture can be seen in his upbringing, as well as in the form of one of his many Hawaiian shirts. In 1841, Robert’s great, great, great grandparents immigrated to Hawaii from New England as a part of the large group of Christian missionaries sent to Hawaii between the years of 1820 and 1860.

Although he was born in Hawaii, Robert and his family moved to Oregon when he was just three and a half years old. He has many fond memories of visiting Hawaii, but Robert considers himself a full-blooded Oregonian. As a child, he cultivated a love for skiing and animals. In high school, Robert downhill ski raced on Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor.

Robert’s first job was mowing lawns and helping to fix up the many rental homes owned by his parents. But, ever since he was seven years old, he wanted to become a veterinarian. At age fourteen, he volunteered at a clinic to learn what his childhood dream job was really like. For work, he was paid to clean the clinic after hours.

Robert attended Oregon State University to study in their veterinary program and ended up with a degree in Zoology. He finds science and medicine absolutely fascinating and still has dreams of returning to school to pursue those areas as a second career path (when his children are all grown up). However, by the time he was a junior at OSU, Robert realized lifestyle and family were more important than the long hours and low pay of a veterinarian. So, he decided to pursue a different route. While at OSU, Robert met the love of his life, Holly, who was in the Spanish Masters Program at the University of Oregon.

Robert and Holly married in September 2005 and welcomed the arrival of their first, second, and third child on May 15, 2009. Triplets Audrey, Oliver, and Grace spent their first three months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Charles Hospital in Bend. They are all doing great now and love having a younger sister, Abigail, born in 2012 and a baby brother, Henry, born in 2015.

Robert loves the beauty of Spring and Fall in Sunriver. As a zoologist at heart, he likes to explore the wild of the Sunriver area with his children. He has a fondness for the undeveloped forest land and the amazing amounts of wild animals and birds that call Sunriver home.

“Since Holly and I homeschool, we are always looking for educational opportunities for our kids. In Sunriver you can just walk outside and you are in a science classroom.”

One of Robert’s biggest loves lies in the aroma of Hawaii’s diverse flowers. His mother always wears leis and a plumeria in her hair when they visit and as a child it made a huge impression on him. In fact, Robert’s only request to Holly at their wedding was that she wear a flower in her hair. He is a devout Christian and a lover of science. Both Robert and Holly are born teachers and love being active in their children's education.

“An important part of the Aloha Spirit is the Hawaiian value of ho’okipa. Ho’okipa is the practice of engaging others (including strangers) with the utmost sense of hospitality and responsibility for their well being. Ho’okipa is the essence of what Robert is trying to build at Bennington Properties.”

Robert’s Favorite Places to Spend the Day

Cardinal Foot Bridge - On the Deschutes River, this is probably the best kept secret in Sunriver. Incredible views and BLM land made for exploring alongside your kids and dogs.

Elk & East Lakes - Both have wonderful beaches for summer picnics and hunting for crawdads and insects (catch and release of course).

The High Desert Museum and Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory
These gems of Central Oregon are perfect for spending a morning or afternoon exploring interesting museums.

Local Ambassador, Robert

Sunriver Revealed-  Enjoy a romantic night at Marcello's Cucina Italiana in Sunriver.

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