Pam, Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager Pam Pankey has been with Bennington Properties since 2005. She brings with her 28 years of experience in the property management industry. At her last place of employment, Pam began as a housekeeper and was promoted to reservation manager, and now she handles all staff changes and payroll for Bennington Properties.

Pam was born and raised in the Northern California town of Cloverdale, California, where her family owned and operated a lumber mill. Because Cloverdale is only about an hour from the coast, she liked to dive for Abalone in Fort Bragg.

In 1974, Pam, her husband and three kids, moved to Central Oregon. Her parents had previously moved to Chemult. Pam visited and fell in love with the area. Eventually, her parents moved back to California, but luckily for us, Pam and her family decided to stay.

"We really enjoyed the fact that we could go for a drive in the forest and never run into a fence…and the hunting was fantastic!”

They really enjoy heading out and cutting down their Christmas tree as well. In fact, Pam’s children, who now live elsewhere, still come back for Thanksgiving to continue the tree-cutting tradition. These days, Pam and her husband, who currently reside in Gilchrist, are busy raising their 13 year old daughter.

Pam counts fall as her favorite season. She likes the quieter time of year, when she can take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the warm weather before it becomes winter’s cold. She also likes to ride bikes with her daughter on the many Sunriver trails. Her favorite in-town meal is the smoked salmon wrap from Blondie’s Pizza.

When they have a chance to get away, Pam and her husband like to prospect for gold on their claim west of Yreka, California. Pam also enjoys camping, hunting, and driving their jeep off-road. When she’s not out in the woods, so likes to visit Disneyland.

Pam met Penny and Gene Bennington when they were real estate agents, and is glad she got the opportunity to work for them a few years later.

“When I was younger, I never thought I’d have a desk job. But, I really like meeting new people and every day is different.”

Pam’s Favorite Day-trips

Oregon Coast - Drive a couple of hours west takes you to the ocean. You can spend a relaxing day sitting on the beach, listening to the waves, and enjoying the rest. Make sure you check the weather as coastal weather can get nasty.

Southern Oregon Gold Prospecting - Head southwest from Sunriver towards the Rogue River area near Jacksonville for the opportunity to get rich!

Eastern Oregon - A drive east takes you to multiple photo opportunities. Check out the decades-old Juniper trees and bring the family.

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