Ohana Bennington, VP of Dog Loving Vacations

As official greeter, nap-location tester, and purveyor of happy thoughts, Ohana Bennington makes up the core of Bennington Properties. She loves her job and all of her co-workers, especially the ones who remember to bring treats.

Ohana was born January 12th, 2014, in Willamette Valley’s Woodburn, Oregon, to attentive parents and a nice lady named Gina. Her new family, the Benningtons, were anxious for her arrival and very excited when she was born. They called her by a beautiful name, Ohana, which means family. The name is perfect for her because it alludes to the Bennington’s connection to Hawaii, highlights the family business that serves families, and proves the fact Ohana is not a pet, but rather a part of the family.

Ohana’s life in Sunriver is filled with love and exercise. She’s a big fan of the 30 miles of paved trails, and especially the off-trail places in the Deschutes National Forest to explore. In the summer, Ohana likes to run along and swim in the Deschutes River.  The Cardinal Landing Foot bridge is one of her favorites. To her, it seems like the forest is never ending.

In the winter, Ohana likes to frolic in the snow as her family skis or snowshoes alongside. It’s especially nice when they head to Wanoga Sno-park. One day, she would like to try skijoring.

A couple years before Ohana was born, the Benningtons created Sunriver’s first off-leash recreation area located at their office in the Sunriver Business Park.  She loves to run with old or new friends who come to visit. In July and August, Ohana loves the Yappy Hour on Thursdays. Lots of dogs come to play while their families enjoy complimentary refreshments. She even secretly loves the Dog Wash area and getting nice and clean. And of course, Ohana enjoys shaking off the water all over Robert.

Ohana would like to thank DogPac for helping to create off-leash dog areas in Central Oregon. And, she feels blessed that one of the country’s best dog supply companies, Ruffwear, is located close to home.

On the rare occasions Ohana isn’t interested in running or playing, she loves to watch the Sunriver Brewing Company K9 Keg Pull. It’s fun to see what other dogs can do. Some day, she even wants to participate. In the summer, Ohana loves to walk with friends in Bend’s Old Fashioned July 4th Celebration & Pet Parade.

Ohana’s Safety Tips for Four-legged Friends

Plan ahead - Make sure your parents know where you are allowed to go and that you are in good shape to have fun. 

Be careful of the wild things - Sunriver has a lot of wild animals that don't like to play with dogs. And, watch out for the Cheatgrass and Foxtail weeds! If they get in you, it’s painful.

Protect your paws - Sometimes, the rocks, snow and ice can hurt your feet. Bring your dog boots if you have them.

Make sure your parents watch out for you - Don’t forget your collar and your Bennington Lost-In-Sunriver tag in case you get lost chasing some deer.

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