Maria & Hilda, Professional Laundry Team

Maria Hernandez and Hilda Santos make up the laundry technician team at Bennington Properties. They ensure that all linens are clean and prepared for the housekeepers each day. Both Maria and Hilda moved to Central Oregon from Southern California. Maria and her family lived in Pasedena before looking to Oregon for a quiet and tranquil place to raise their children and spend quality time with their family. When Hilda’s husband was offered a job in Madras, her family moved north. The Santos family learned about our beautiful area after spending time at Sunriver Resort.

Maria enjoys spending time with her family and just hanging out with her kids. They like to go hiking, go to the library, and go to the movies. Of course, Maria rarely gets choose the movie.

“Spending time with my kids is my priority and making sure they study and work hard for a better future,” says Maria.

Hilda also loves spending time with the family and just relaxing at home. She likes to listen to the radio and watch TV. Her particular favorites include tele-novellas and any shows with romance and adventure.

Both Maria and Hilda agree that summer is the best season here is Central Oregon. Even though it is busy at work, the warm weather and plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities make it a fun time of year. And, for the two Southern California transplants, its nice that our warm weather summers aren’t as unbearably hot as California’s summer months.

“I like the state of Oregon because of the cool climate and how serene it is here,” says Hilda.

While this is Maria’s first foray into the vacation rental industry, together Maria and Hilda make up the backbone of Bennington Properties’ housekeeping services. They approach each workday with joy and laughter. Luckily for us, their happiness is contagious as we hear their laughter echoing throughout the offices.

Maria and Hilda’s Outside Summer Fun Ideas

Go Hiking! - Smith Rock State Park has excellent hiking. The Smith Rock Loop is one of the best. You can see the Crooked River and the rock formations, like Monkey Face. Plus, it’s fun to watch the climbers crawl up the side of the rocks.

Go to the River! - Another popular river in Oregon, the Rogue River in the southwestern part of the state is beautiful in the summers. You can catch it near Medford for some boating and swimming fun.

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