Meet Team Bennington

Meet the incredible team of professionals that work hard day to day to make Bennington Properties the successful company it is.

Meet the Team

Robert Bennington, Owner, CEO, Professional Housekeeper
(541) 948.0214

Born in Hawaii, Robert Bennington has lived most of his life embodying the Hawaiian, “Aloha Spirit.” The Hawaiian culture can be seen in his upbringing, as well as in the form of one of his many Hawaiian shirts. In 1841, Robert’s great, great, great grandparents immigrated to Hawaii from New England as a part of the large group of Christian missionaries sent to Hawaii between the years of 1820 and 1860.

Although he was born in Hawaii, Robert and his family moved to Oregon when he was just three and a half years old. He has many fond memories of visiting Hawaii, but Robert considers himself a full-blooded Oregonian. As a child, he cultivated a love for skiing and animals. In high school, Robert downhill ski raced on Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor.

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Jessica Pritchard, Guest & Owner Services Manager

Guest & Owner Services Manager Jessica Pritchard has been with Bennington Properties since 2013. Jessica brings a Marketing and Public Relations industry background to her job; formerly working as a Publicist for the Seattle International Film Festival and Membership Representative for the Oregon Athletic Clubs.

Jessica grew up in Irrigon, Oregon, located on the Columbia River, just west of Hermiston. She is part of a close knit family and even attended the same high school as her mom. Both sets of her grandparents were married over 67 years, and both grandfathers were in World War II. Jessica grew up next door to grandparents, and in the same town as her husband. They welcomed a baby girl in 2018.

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Pam Pankey, Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager Pam Pankey has been with Bennington Properties since 2005. She brings with her 28 years of experience in the property management industry. At her last place of employment, Pam began as a housekeeper and was promoted to reservation manager, and now she handles all staff changes and payroll for Bennington Properties.

Pam was born and raised in the Northern California town of Cloverdale, California, where her family owned and operated a lumber mill. Because Cloverdale is only about an hour from the coast, she liked to dive for Abalone in Fort Bragg.

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Tiffany Smith, Housekeeping Manager

Housekeeping Manager Tiffany Smith has been scheduling and overseeing daily inspections, cleanings, and outside home care for Bennington Properties since 2012. Before joining the team, she worked for another Sunriver-based housekeeping company. Tiffany and her husband have been LaPine residents for a decade.

Tiffany was born and raised in Southern Oregon. Most of her childhood was spent on an Illinois Valley ranch in Selma, Oregon. As a child, she helped tend to the cows, chickens, horses and pigs on the ranch.

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Kim Balsama, Director of Sales & Marketing

Kim and her husband, Robert, relocated to Central Oregon from Redwood City, California on a whim, during the summer of 2018 and Kim started her position with Bennington Properties shortly thereafter.

She and her husband recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary! Kim’s favorite family tradition is sharing spaghetti and meatballs with Robert on Valentine’s Day, “Lady and the Tramp” style (if you’re sensing the start of an Italian-theme, you’re spot on…).

Kim has worked in the hospitality industry for 16 years and has a Culinary Arts degree from Le Cordon Bleu. If you had an hour to spare, Kim would love to teach you how to make fresh pasta. Even though she loves Italian cuisine, don’t dare try to get Kim eating eggplant—it’s her least favorite food!

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Lisa Barnett, Sunriver Group-cations™ Coordinator

Lisa was born in Fountain Valley, California and raised in Fresno, where she still enjoys traveling to spend time with her parents. Lisa visited a friend in Central Oregon and the rest was history—she was so enamored that she never even bothered to travel home to gather the rest of her belongings—and that was 15+ years ago! She relocated to Bend in 2003 and enjoys all that Central Oregon has to offer with her kooky kiddos Sydni (10) and Walter (6).

Growing up, Lisa was an only child but always had her best friend, Patches, the dog, by her side. She even taught him how to play tetherball so they could spend hours entertaining each other. Lisa loved basketball and the performing arts as a child and dreamed of being either an FBI profiler or a stage actress when she grew up. She was a self-proclaimed, “major klutz” as a kid and was always recovering from some accident, sporting splints, casts, or crutches regularly.

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Erica Evans, Owner Services Coordinator

Erica, the Owner Services Coordinator, serves as a point of contact between our wonderful homeowners and Bennington Properties, addressing any concerns that arise and looking after their lovely homes. She joined the team in 2019 and after getting to know the community, she already envisions herself purchasing a home and living a beautiful life in Sunriver with her son Emmett, and two four-legged children, Teddy and Lily.

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Philip Jonsrud, Property Services Director

Philip has been with Bennington Properties since 2017. His job lies in making sure everything in our world works as it should. Philip comes to Bennington Properties from the Edgewood Townhouse Association in Eugene.

"I love the constant problem solving to make sure our guests have the best stay possible!”

Philip was born and raised in Corvallis, OR by a single mother who worked in law enforcement for 25 years. As a child, he enjoyed playing on his grandparents’ 11-acre farm. The big trees and multiple barns provided endless opportunities for discovery.

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Samantha Georgi, Property Services Coordinator

Sam joined Bennington Properties in 2018. She worked in Guest and Owner Services for a year before joining the Property Services team. She’s lived in Oregon since 2012. Sam ended up in Bend because Central Oregon reminds her of her small hometown of Chester, California, but with more amenities and ready access to endless outdoor explorations by foot, bike, or kayak. When she decided to relocate from quaint Jacksonville, Oregon a few years ago, she felt like it was the right fit.

Sam’s only child is her “dogter,” Ginger, an 13-year old Lab, Boxer, and Staffordshire mix.

Sam’s favorite childhood memory is when her Mom used to tow her and her brother in a sled behind their Suburban on unpaved roads in the winter, which may have kicked off her love of the snowy outdoors!

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Joe Gentle, Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician Joe Gentle began working at Bennington Properties in February of 2016. Joe brings a lifetime of construction experience, as well as a lifetime in Oregon, with him.

“I think the best part of working for this company, especially coming from a corporation, is the family atmosphere and having an owner who is hands-on and cares about his employees as much as he cares about the clientele.”

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Massey Tonge, Maintenance Technician

Massey, a maintenance technician, grew up in New Jersey and during his childhood, his family would take month-long trips to various parts of the United States. He loved spending time with his family and being able to see new places. He ended up in Central Oregon when his parents retired, and he has found a love for the area. His favorite days consist of taking his boat to Wikiup Reservoir with his family and helping his grandchildren learn and grow. With experience in the construction and fabrication industry, he is ready to take care of any maintenance needs you may have.  

Mike Schmitt, Maintenance Technician

Mike, a maintenance technician, joined the Bennington Property team in 2019 after 13 years working in Sunriver within the maintenance industry. His wife has been with us for several years and during that time, Mike came to admire the family orientated nature of Bennington Properties. He has contributed to the team atmosphere by being willing to help out wherever he can, but most of the time you’ll find him fixing things within the homes to ensure a wonderful guest experience.

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Haylie Collins, Lead Guest & Owner Services Representative

Haylie has been a part of the Bennington Properties Guest and Owner Services Team since June of 2017. She was born, raised, and lived all her life within 20 minutes of Sunriver. Haylie grew up in a family with two brothers and two sisters. Now, she has a child of her own, and fills her house with four dogs. Her knowledge of Central Oregon makes Haylie an invaluable member of our team.

“I am a big people person. I love meeting new people and although I am shy, it's still nice to see new faces and come out of my shell.”

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