Lisa, Sunriver Group-cations Coordinator

Lisa was born in Fountain Valley, California and raised in Fresno, where she still enjoys traveling to spend time with her parents. Lisa visited a friend in Central Oregon and the rest was history—she was so enamored that she never even bothered to travel home to gather the rest of her belongings—and that was 15+ years ago! She relocated to Bend in 2003 and enjoys all that Central Oregon has to offer with her kooky kiddos Sydni (10) and Walter (6).

Growing up, Lisa was an only child but always had her best friend, Patches, the dog, by her side. She even taught him how to play tetherball so they could spend hours entertaining each other. Lisa loved basketball and the performing arts as a child and dreamed of being either an FBI profiler or a stage actress when she grew up. She was a self-proclaimed, “major klutz” as a kid and was always recovering from some accident, sporting splints, casts, or crutches regularly.

In her earlier years, Lisa’s grandparents lived on a sail boat and when Lisa visited with them, her Grandpa would always let her take the dinghy over to a nearby marina café. Each time, her Grandpa sent her with money so she could order herself a grilled cheese sandwich and a Shirley Temple, but the owner of the café would never accept her money. Lisa thought she was pretty hot stuff. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she learned her grandparents had an account at the café. When she asked her Grandpa why he sent her with money when they had an account, he replied that being an “old salt” was all about integrity and he was testing her to see if she would keep the money or return it. Lisa had, in fact, always returned the funds, so she was an official “old salt” in Grandpa’s eyes!

Lisa joined Bennington Properties in July, 2018 after years in the hospitality industry. Lisa loves Bennington Properties’ guest-centric approach, generous charitable giving, and the way they have welcomed her to their community with open arms!

Lisa is passionate about gardening because growing food for family, friends, and neighbors makes her “heart sing!”. If she had your undivided attention for an hour, she’d teach you all about growing your own food. When she’s not working, you can find Lisa, a self-professed “closet book geek,” curled up with her favorite book or getting a queue of “next to read” books ready so she always has a new book to choose from. She also loves spending her free time with her amazing kiddos and fishing.

People often ask Lisa where she’s from because they detect a bit of a twang in her speech. “Oregon by way of California” doesn’t solve the mystery for folks, which is only further compounded when Lisa shares that she’s never even visited the South. The real answer is that her slight twang emerged following two major concussions within a year of each other (see “major klutz” above).

Lisa’s favorite season in Central Oregon is fall—all the colors and the sound of crunching leaves underfoot. If she had guests visiting at that time of year, she’d be sure they visited the caves and hiked or biked to Benham Falls. When Lisa and her family spend time in Sunriver, they love floating the river and the kindness and helpful nature of Sunriver’s locals.

Three Things You Should Know about Lisa

♦ The one meal you absolutely will never find Lisa eating? Split Pea Soup!
♦ A trip to Hawaii is on her ultimate getaway bucket list.
♦ Lisa’s favorite family tradition is reading in bed every night with her kids.

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