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“We shouldn’t devalue housekeepers. Anyone can probably clean a house once in a while, but great housekeepers are special. Every day they vacuum themselves out of each house knowing that the next day they will return to find the house hit by the usual tornado of towels, toiletries, and bed linen. It is enough to make Sisyphus weary, endlessly pushing his rock up the the hill. But great housekeepers don’t get weary. They get stronger. They are not beaten down by the relentless grind of their work. On the contrary, they are energized by it. In their mind, their work asks them to be accountable, to be creative, and to achieve something tangible each and every day. They want to come in and attack their section of homes. The challenge gives them strength. All this is so because great housekeepers possess a special set of talents.

Great housekeepers do not just try harder, nor do they simply “take more pride in their work.” Great housekeepers have talent. They share a unique filter. See through this filter, a home is not just another chore to be completed. It is a world, a guest’s world. When they clean the home, they look through the guests’ eyes and imagined how the world should look. Making each guest’s world just right brought them strength and satisfaction.” First, Break All the Rules

Meet the Team

Tiffany Smith, Housekeeping Manager

Housekeeping Manager Tiffany Smith has been scheduling and overseeing daily inspections, cleanings, and outside home care for Bennington Properties since 2012. Before joining the team, she worked for another Sunriver-based housekeeping company. Tiffany and her husband have been LaPine residents for a decade.

Tiffany was born and raised in Southern Oregon. Most of her childhood was spent on an Illinois Valley ranch in Selma, Oregon. As a child, she helped tend to the cows, chickens, horses and pigs on the ranch.

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Juanita Mathers, Lead Professional Housekeeper

Lead Professional Housekeeper Juanita Mathers has trained and mentored our housekeeping team and assisted our Housekeeping Coordinator in scheduling daily housekeeping tasks since 2011. Prior to joining the Bennington Properties team, Juanita worked at several other motels and vacation rentals, including the Inn of the Seventh Mountain.

Juanita was born in Bakersfield, California. When she was twelve years old, Juanita moved with her family to Redmond, Oregon to be close to the rest of her very large family. While they did move to Oklahoma for a stint, they got chased out by the bugs and tornados. Juanita has now called Central Oregon home for over 31 years. She has four children.

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Lisa King, Housekeeping Coordinator

Housekeeping Coordinator, Lisa King. joined the Bennington Properties team early in 2013. Before working with us, she spent an additional two years in the vacation rental industry, doing the same kind of work. Lisa is a very happy and fun-loving member of our team.

Lisa was born and raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon and moved to Merrill, on the outskirts of Klamath Falls, when she was thirteen years old. She lived on a 20 acre property, which allowed her to participate in Future Farmers of America by raising and showing sheep. As a kid, she was very active and played lots of sports including running track. Lisa moved to LaPine in 2010 to get a fresh start in life.

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Binicio & Lina, Professional Housekeepers

Professional housekeepers, husband and wife duo Binicio and Lina Orea have been with Bennington Properties since 2006. They are responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of each home and thus, the happiness of each guest. They came to Bennington Properties with only hotel industry experience, but have adapted very well to the more personal vacation rental industry.

Binicio and Lina, originally from Mexico, moved to the High Desert from Riverside, California. They have lived in Central Oregon since 2002. In a very common story, they came to visit family once and immediately fell in love with the area. In particular, they enjoy the climate, the beautiful surroundings, and the peace and quiet. They also like how the people who live and visit here have such a respect for nature and the outdoors.

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Norma Hernandez, Professional Housekeeper

Professional Housekeeper Norma Chavez has only been with Bennington Properties for a short time, but has already made a big impact. She makes sure each house is up to the Bennington Properties cleanliness standards, and thus ensures our guests are happy during their stay. Norma comes to Sunriver from Los Angeles.

Norma was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She grew up in a close knit family, including three brothers and one younger sister. Because Norma was closer in age to her brothers, she mainly played games geared toward the boys. Her favorite memories are based around sports; even boxing. Norma emigrated to the United States from Mexico in 1999.

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Maria & Hilda, Laundry Specialists

Maria Hernandez and Hilda Santos make up the laundry technician team at Bennington Properties. They ensure that all linens are clean and prepared for the housekeepers each day. Both Maria and Hilda moved to Central Oregon from Southern California. Maria and her family lived in Pasedena before looking to Oregon for a quiet and tranquil place to raise their children and spend quality time with their family. When Hilda’s husband was offered a job in Madras, her family moved north. The Santos family learned about our beautiful area after spending time at Sunriver Resort.

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Massey Tonge, Quality Assurance Inspector

Massey is a Quality Assurance Inspector. He is one of our AMAZING team that ensure the cleanliness, safety and maintenance of each of our homes for every arrival and departure. He is tasked to prepare each property to Bennington’s standards prior to all guest & owner arrivals.

Cherie VanBrocklin, Quality Assurance Inspector

Cherie Schmidt has been an inspector at Bennington Properties since 2013. Before joining the Bennington team, Cherie honed her skills at another Central Oregon vacation rental business. She really appreciates the high standards at Bennington Properties, as well as the approachable nature of the owners, and the fact Robert knows everyone’s name.

Cherie was born and raised in Medford, Oregon. She spent her time in Southwestern Oregon with her brother and their small dog. Summers would find them at the Applegate River, swimming the day away. If the family ventured away from Medford, they would be developing their love for the outdoors through camping, hunting, and fishing.

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Claudeia Outland, Professional Housekeeper

Professional Housekeeper, Claudeia Outland, has worked for Bennington Properties since 2014. She joined the Bennington team after working in the fast food industry, specifically at MacDonald’s. She brings her attention to detail and a desire to help others to work everyday.

Claudeia grew up in Scappoose, northwest of Portland, under the watchful eye of Mount Rogers and beside Scappoose Creek. She grew up the baby of the family, with five older bothers and two older sisters. They lived in Scappoose until Claudeia was 14, eventually moving to Portland for her parents job.

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Etsu Toyoda, Professional Housekeeper

Etsu Toyota started working with Bennington Properties as a housekeeper in July 2013. She enjoys the challenging aspects and the physical nature of helping to maintain the properties for the guests.

Etsu grew up in a small town in Japan. There, she learned to appreciate nature’s flora and fauna. Then, Etsu became a long time resident of Seattle, Washington. She, along with her boyfriend, moved to Bend in 2005. They both enjoy living in Central Oregon and the many adventure opportunities.

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