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The Best Brunch and Coffee Spots in Sunriver Oregon

The Best Brunch and Coffee Spots in Sunriver Oregon

Imagine waking up to the crisp, fresh air in Sunriver Oregon. This charming town, surrounded by nature’s beauty, offers the perfect setting for a warm and romantic morning. One of the best ways to start your day here is by enjoying a delightful brunch and coffee. Whether you are a local or staying at one of the cozy homes from Bennington Properties, you’ll find plenty of lovely spots to satisfy your cravings.

A Romantic Start to Your Day

Begin your day with a heartwarming brunch and coffee in Sunriver. The town is filled with cafes and eateries that serve delicious dishes and the finest coffee. Each spot has its own charm, making your morning meal a truly special experience.

Sunriver Brewing Company

Start your brunch adventure at Sunriver Brewing Company. Known for its friendly vibe and fantastic food, this place offers a menu that will make your taste buds dance. Picture yourself enjoying a classic eggs benedict or fluffy pancakes topped with fresh berries. Pair your meal with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and let the warm atmosphere wrap around you like a cozy blanket.

Cafe Sintra

Next on your list should be Cafe Sintra. This cafe is a favorite among both locals and visitors. It combines Portuguese flavors with classic brunch dishes, creating a unique and delicious menu. Imagine biting into a warm pastel de nata while sipping on your coffee. Or perhaps a hearty breakfast burrito filled with savory goodness is more your style. The welcoming ambiance makes it an ideal spot for a romantic brunch.

Brewed Awakenings

If coffee is your first love, Brewed Awakenings is the place to be. This charming coffee shop offers a variety of freshly brewed coffees and tasty pastries. Whether you prefer a strong espresso or a smooth latte, you will find your perfect cup here. Pair it with a warm croissant or a sweet muffin, and you have a match made in heaven.

Basecamp Grill

For a laid-back brunch experience, head to Basecamp Grill. This local favorite offers a delicious menu with everything from hearty omelets to creamy avocado toast. Enjoy your meal on their outdoor patio, where you can bask in the sunshine and take in the beautiful views of Sunriver.

Staying with Bennington Properties adds an extra touch of comfort to your Sunriver experience. Their cozy vacation homes provide the perfect base for your adventures. Imagine starting your morning with a short walk from your Bennington Properties home to one of these delightful brunch and coffee spots. It is the perfect way to enjoy the warmth and romance of Sunriver.

unriver Oregon is more than just a beautiful destination. Its charming brunch and coffee spots make it a haven for couples looking to enjoy a warm and romantic start to their day. So, whether you are a local or staying at one of the inviting homes from Bennington Properties make sure to explore the delightful cafes and eateries in this lovely town. Your taste buds and your heart will be delighted.

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