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Vacation You Deserve Guarantee

It is our responsibility to give you the vacation you have earned and deserve. If you are not comfortable in the vacation rental you have chosen we will do everything within our power to help make you more comfortable. If we are not able to make you more comfortable in a timely manner, we will either move you to a vacation rental of equal size and value that you are comfortable in or we will refund up to 50% of your total reservation cost via cash or a credit for a future stay with Bennington Properties.*

* There is no additional costs associated with moves to homes of equal size and value.  Moves are dependent on availability of houses of equal size and value.  If guest wishes to move to a house of greater size and value the guest will pay the additional cost associated with the move.

* Exact refund or credit amounts are dependent on fees charged and any prior discounts given to the guest. Refunds, credits, and moves are also dependent on Bennington Properties ability to remedy the comfort of the guest in a timely manner.  We define a “timely manner” to be by 4:00 PM the day after your arrival. Our team will work diligently to fix any issue during business hours. Refunds, credits, or moves will not be issued if we have not been notified of comfort issues by 10:00 a.m. the day after guest's arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: Hot tubs are not included in this guarantee because they are managed by companies not associated with Bennington Properties. However, we do everything in our power to make sure they are ready for your use. For any hot tub not hot and clean, Bennington Properties will refund 10% of your rent for every 24 hours it stays that way.


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