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When Bennington Properties started in 1998 it had only one employee, Penny Bennington's sister Carolyn.  Over the years we have been very fortunate to have some incredible people join our team.  All of our associates are not only hard working, caring people but they are also very talented.  We owe our success to these individuals and are so grateful to call them our colleagues.

Meet the Team

Chatta Tsuchiguchi, Vacation Planner

Vacation Planner Chatta Tsuchiguchi has worked for Bennington Properties since 2006. She moved up to Central Oregon from a town just south of San Jose; Morgan Hill, California. An impromptu ski trip to Mount Bachelor led her away from the sunny confines of her Northern California home and introduced her to a seemingly whole new world.

“The beauty and diversity of Central Oregon was as unexpected as it was thrilling. The air was so crisp and the colors so vivid, I felt as if I had been living in a black and white world.”

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Susie Bashaw, Vacation Planner

Vacation Planner Susie has been serving guests of Bennington Properties since the winter of 2016 - 2017. She comes to our family after having many years experience in the hospitality field. Susie is always happy to assist vacationers and paints a beautiful picture of everything Sunriver has to offer.

“I worked at a competitor here in Sunriver and on my break, one day stopped in and applied.”

Susie grew up in Grants Pass, OR with her brother and two sisters. She is widowed, but surrounded with love by her 12 children and 16 grandchildren. Rounding out her family are her dogs, cats, and chickens! Susie hopes to add some horses to the mix soon.

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Collette Vale, Vacation Planner

Collette grew up in Menlo Park, California with her seven siblings. Her family is very close which is likely why so many of her siblings migrated to the Portland area in 1990 and what inspired them to travel from all over the country to meet in celebration of Collette’s 60th birthday recently, so it’s no surprise that Collette’s favorite family tradition is their annual reunion on the McKenzie River complete with campfire songs, whitewater rafting, and plenty of dancing.

Collette caught the vacation industry bug when she became a travel agent in 2012 and joined Bennington Properties in July, 2018. Besides the people, Collette’s favorite feature about Bennington Properties is our Dog Loving™ vacation rental homes because Collette and her husband love to travel with their Daschund, Jake, and know that Bennington has thought of every doggy detail for their four-legged and two-legged guests! She also thinks the Bennington Properties dog park and dog washing station are really neat.

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Lisa Beal, Vacation Planner

Lisa is a native Oregonian, making her way to Central Oregon over 20 years ago. She and her future husband have three sons, Devon (17), Logan (16), and Jaden (13). Lisa has two dogs named Boba and Aurra, after her family’s favorite Star Wars characters. She joined Bennington Properties in August, 2018.

Lisa is a huge fan of rock hounding. Hunting all over Central Oregon for Opal, Jasper, Obsidian, and Petrified Wood is a favorite activity for she and her family—dogs included! If she had your undivided attention for an hour, Lisa would teach you all about cutting thunder eggs and tumbling your found rock treasures along with a fun lesson about how these gems are formed.

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Lisa Barnett, Sunriver Group-cations™ Coordinator

Lisa was born in Fountain Valley, California and raised in Fresno, where she still enjoys traveling to spend time with her parents. Lisa visited a friend in Central Oregon and the rest was history—she was so enamored that she never even bothered to travel home to gather the rest of her belongings—and that was 15+ years ago! She relocated to Bend in 2003 and enjoys all that Central Oregon has to offer with her kooky kiddos Sydni (10) and Walter (6).

Growing up, Lisa was an only child but always had her best friend, Patches, the dog, by her side. She even taught him how to play tetherball so they could spend hours entertaining each other. Lisa loved basketball and the performing arts as a child and dreamed of being either an FBI profiler or a stage actress when she grew up. She was a self-proclaimed, “major klutz” as a kid and was always recovering from some accident, sporting splints, casts, or crutches regularly.

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Gina Reedy, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Gina has been a part of the Bennington Properties team for six years. In fact, she was our Christmas gift to ourselves, with her first day of work being on Christmas Eve! She manages the Bennington Properties email marketing campaigns, social media accounts, blogs, and most marketing promotions. We are proud to take advantage of Gina’s over two decades in the travel industry.

Originally from Burney, California, Gina grew up in Oakridge and Salem, Oregon. She spent her childhood enjoying the life of a close-knit small family atmosphere in a country rural town. After graduating from high school in Salem, Gina became a second generation Beaver by attending Oregon State University. To this day, she remains an ardent supporter of the OSU Beavers!

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Ohana Bennington, VP of Dog Loving Vacations

As official greeter, nap-location tester, and purveyor of happy thoughts, Ohana Bennington makes up the core of Bennington Properties. She loves her job and all of her co-workers, especially the ones who remember to bring treats.

Ohana was born January 12th, 2014, in Willamette Valley’s Woodburn, Oregon, to attentive parents and a nice lady named Gina. Her new family, the Benningtons, were anxious for her arrival and very excited when she was born. They called her by a beautiful name, Ohana, which means family. The name is perfect for her because it alludes to the Bennington’s connection to Hawaii, highlights the family business that serves families, and proves the fact Ohana is not a pet, but rather a part of the family.

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Kipa Bennington, Head Ranger, Camp Bennington

Kipa is the Head Ranger for Camp Bennington.  Kipa loves it when kids explore the amazing world of Sunriver.  From Sunriver's rich human and natural history to its amazing plant and animal life, Kipa wants you to experience it all. 

Kipa's name comes from the Hawaiian word "ho'okipa."  In the Hawaiian language, ho'okipa means hospitality, friendliness, generosity, and taking care of others.  The culture and traditions of the Hawaiian people have been an important part of Kipa's family for many generations. 

If you are 12 or under, don't forget to ask for your Camp Bennington Ranger Guide.

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Kelly Riley-Jones, Office Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Kelly Riley-Jones has worked for Bennington Properties since 2009. She started at our front desk, and has worked her way up to since. Prior to coming to Bennington Properties, Kelly was a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service in Salem. Kelly and her husband Rick used to visit Sunriver every February and quickly fell in love with the area. They bought a house here for retirement and put it in our rental program until they were ready to move here. When they finally moved out for Rick’s retirement in 2009, Kelly decided to take a job with us!

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Erica Evans, Owner Services Coordinator

Erica, the Owner Services Coordinator, serves as a point of contact between our wonderful homeowners and Bennington Properties, addressing any concerns that arise and looking after their lovely homes. She joined the team in 2019 and after getting to know the community, she already envisions herself purchasing a home and living a beautiful life in Sunriver with her son Emmett, and two four-legged children, Teddy and Lily.

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Kirsten Gestvang-Price, Guest Services Manager


Kirsten, the Guest Services Manager, joined the Bennington Properties team in 2019 after many years of experience in the hospitality industry. She now oversees the Guest Services department, managing the Guest Services team and ensuring an excellent quality of service during the day-to-day operations at the front office. She is proud to be certified as both a Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT) and Guest Services Professional (CGSP) through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

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Haylie Collins, Lead Guest & Owner Services Representative

Haylie has been a part of the Bennington Properties Guest and Owner Services Team since June of 2017. She was born, raised, and lived all her life within 20 minutes of Sunriver. Haylie grew up in a family with two brothers and two sisters. Now, she has a child of her own, and fills her house with four dogs. Her knowledge of Central Oregon makes Haylie an invaluable member of our team.

“I am a big people person. I love meeting new people and although I am shy, it's still nice to see new faces and come out of my shell.”

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Michel Sprouffske, Guest & Owner Services Representative

Michel became a Guest and Owner Services Representative after completing two internships with Bennington Properties while earning her bachelor's degree at Oregon State University – Cascades Campus. She graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship with an Ecotourism and Sustainability specialty. Michel chose this career path because she is passionate about working with people and creating joyful, memorable experiences.

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