Bennington's Sunriver Office Team

When Bennington Properties started in 1998 it had only one employee, Penny Bennington's sister Carolyn.  Over the years we have been very fortunate to have some incredible people join our team.  All of our associates are not only hard working, caring people but they are also very talented.  We owe our success to these individuals and are so grateful to call them our colleagues.  Meet Our Housekeeping Team

Meet the Team

Chatta @ Bennington Properties, Vacation Planner

Vacation Planner Chatta Tsuchiguchi has worked for Bennington Properties since 2007. She moved up to Central Oregon from a town just south of San Jose; Morgan Hill, California. An impromptu ski trip to Mount Bachelor led her away from the sunny confines of her Northern California home and introduced her to a seemingly whole new world.

“The beauty and diversity of Central Oregon was as unexpected as it was thrilling. The air was so crisp and the colors so vivid, I felt as if I had been living in a black and white world.”

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Jess Rae McIntyre, Vacation Planner

Vacation Planner Jess Rae McIntyre joined the Bennington Properties team in late August, 2015. Jess Rae brings with her a background in the vacation rental business as well as small business ownership.

Jess Rae grew up in San Luis Obispo, California alongside two sisters and a brother. After high school, she joined the United States Navy. The Navy took her to Hawaii for three years, then Guam for six and a half years and finally San Diego for six years.

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Gina @ Bennington Properties, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Gina is a Marketing & Communications Coordinator with Bennington Properties. She helps guests find the perfect home to visit or plan an event in Sunriver. She also manages our company social media sites, blog and handles most marketing promotions. Gina is originally from Burney, Califonia, but grew up in Oakridge and Salem, Oregon. She has been working in the travel industry for over 18 years.  A second generation graduate of Oregon State University, she is a loyal fan and defender of the OSU Beavers!

Ohana Bennington, VP of Pet Relations​
I don't talk, but you can call my friends at 800.313.5242

As official greeter, nap-location tester, and purveyor of happy thoughts, Ohana Bennington makes up the core of Bennington Properties. She loves her job and all of her co-workers, especially the ones who remember to bring treats.

Ohana was born January 12th, 2014, in Willamette Valley’s Woodburn, Oregon, to attentive parents and a nice lady named Gina. Her new family, the Benningtons, were anxious for her arrival and very excited when she was born. They called her by a beautiful name, Ohana, which means family. The name is perfect for her because it alludes to the Bennington’s connection to Hawaii, highlights the family business that serves families, and proves the fact Ohana is not a pet, but rather a part of the family.

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Kipa Bennington, Head Ranger, Camp Bennington

Kipa is the Head Ranger for Camp Bennington.  Kipa loves it when kids explore the amazing world of Sunriver.  From Sunriver's rich human and natural history to its amazing plant and animal life, Kipa wants you to experience it all. 

Kipa's name comes from the Hawaiian word "ho'okipa."  In the Hawaiian language, ho'okipa means hospitality, friendliness, generosity, and taking care of others.  The culture and traditions of the Hawaiian people have been an important part of Kipa's family for many generations. 

If you are 12 or under, don't forget to ask for your Camp Bennington Ranger Guide.

Kelly Riley-Jones, Office Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Kelly Riley-Jones has worked for Bennington Properties since 2009. She started at our front desk, and has worked her way up to since. Prior to coming to Bennington Properties, Kelly was a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service in Salem. Kelly and her husband Rick used to visit Sunriver every February and quickly fell in love with the area. They bought a house here for retirement and put it in our rental program until they were ready to move here. When they finally moved out for Rick’s retirement in 2009, Kelly decided to take a job with us!

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Claudeia Outland, Housekeeping Coordinator

Housekeeping Coordinator, Claudeia Outland, has worked for Bennington Properties since 2014. She joined the Bennington team after working in the fast food industry, specifically at MacDonald’s. She brings her attention to detail and a desire to help others to work everyday.

Claudeia grew up in Scappoose, northwest of Portland, under the watchful eye of Mount Rogers and beside Scappoose Creek. She grew up the baby of the family, with five older bothers and two older sisters. They lived in Scappoose until Claudeia was 14, eventually moving to Portland for her parents job.

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Massey Tonge, Maintenance Technician

Massey is a Maintenance Technician. He is one of our AMAZING team that ensures the safety and maintenance of each of our homes. 

Tiffani Nelson, Maintenance Coordinator

Maintenance Coordinator Tiffani Nelson has worked at Bennington Properties since July 2014. Working as an Inspector before coming into the office and working in maintenance. Before starting at Bennington, Tiffani has worked at the Sunriver Resort, in the village, and also at the Sunriver airport as a wing runner for the glider planes at Sunriver Soaring.

Tiffani grew up in Aberdeen, Idaho, where she went to school until moving to Central Oregon as a freshman in high school, she then finished her schooling at Bend’s Summit High School. Tiffani has two younger brothers and a younger sister who live in Sunriver with her mom, Janae, who also works at Bennington Properties as Property Services Director. She also has a younger brother and younger sister who live in Idaho with her dad and step mom, and an older brother who lives in Washington; that makes six siblings!

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Rafael Vazquez, Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician Rafael Vazquez has worked for Bennington Properties since 2011. Prior to helping our homeowners and guests, he worked in construction and at a working ranch in Sisters, Oregon. Rafael lives in Bend with his wife and children.

Rafael grew up in Mexico, near Mexico City, in a town called Puebla Mexico. The baby of the family, he has two brothers and one sister. As a child, Rafael spent his days on a soccer (futbol) field. He honed his skills so well that by the time he was fourteen, Rafael was already playing at a semi-professional level. When not kicking a soccer ball, he loved to draw.

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Jim Roberts, Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician Jim Roberts has been with Bennington Properties since 2005. He is responsible for ensuring that every home’s upkeep is on par with Bennington Properties’ standards. Jim uses his wealth of knowledge in home building, welding, mechanics and computers each week.

Jim is originally from Eugene, Oregon. He grew up with an older brother and a younger sister. Like him, they are married with kids and dogs. When he was younger, Jim took both art classes and mechanics classes. He moved to La Pine to be with his with his wife, who was housekeeper here.

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Joe Gentle, Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician Joe Gentle began working at Bennington Properties in February of 2016. Joe brings a lifetime of construction experience, as well as a lifetime in Oregon, with him.

“I think the best part of working for this company, especially coming from a corporation, is the family atmosphere and having an owner who is hands-on and cares about his employees as much as he cares about the clientele.”

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Kristi King, Guest & Owner Representative

Guest & Owner Representative Kristi King started working for Bennington Properties in November of 2016. With a background in accounting, she worked for a small Downtown Bend business prior to joining the Bennington team. Before making the move to Oregon, Kristi ran a Southern California-based medical non-profit. She fully developed her altruistic nature as she worked with all ages, children through seniors, experiencing health problems such as breast cancer.

While born in Logan, Utah, Kristi was raised in North Las Vegas before her family moved to California when she was 16. Kristi loved growing up in a huge family of two brothers and four sisters. As children, they spent their days outside, on roller skates and bikes, playing with the other children in the neighborhood. Every so often, the family would head back to Utah to visit the grandparents.

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Jan Tuckerman, Guest & Owner Representative

For over 24 years, Guest & Owner Representative Jan Tuckerman has been a resident of Sunriver. We think that makes her an expert on all things Sunriver. She applies that knowledge to happily assisting both rental owners and guests.

“Every day in Sunriver is another day in Paradise!”

Jan was born and raised in the Cleveland area, but includes Chicago, Southern California, Northern California, and Portland, OR on her list of past residences. Prior to working in the vacation rental field, Jan held many different and fascinating jobs— math teacher, criminal prosecutor, nuclear medicine technologist and brewery tour guide.

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