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Welcome to Bennington Properties!  We have compiled this list to give a better understanding of our Vacation Rental Management program.  We welcome your emails and phone calls to answer any of these questions or any others you might have.  We look forward to connecting with you soon.

1. What services will you provide for my home?
2. What are the management fees?
3. Bennington is a large company, won't my home do better with a smaller company?
4. What are the start-up costs?
5. How long of a commitment do I have to make?
6. What are the fees for owner & family stays? Friends or other owner guests?
7. Can I donate nights?
8. How do you establish nightly rates?
9. What marketing will you do for my home?
10. What types of amenities are guests looking for?
11. What makes a successful vacation rental property?
12. What makes Bennington Properties different?
13. What type of expenses can I expect?
14. What gross rent can I expect?
15. Should I allow pets in my home?
16. Contact us with your questions.

1. What services will you provide for my home?

Bennington Properties is a full service vacation rental management company. That means we are prepared to handle all of the details for our homeowners. We provide full service housekeeping, linens, guest supplies (think soap and paper products), maintenance, security and marketing services, even bikes!

2. What are the management fees?

We charge a commission only, meaning we don't get paid until you do. That commission is determined based on the needs and goals of the property owner. Contact us today to start a dialogue about what you need to make your Sunriver property successful.

3. Bennington is a large company, won't my home do better with a smaller company?

No.  Size of the management company, large or small, does not make a difference in the success of a vacation rental.  What makes a difference is (1) the success of the management company in building long term return business and (2) their ability to generate vacation rental leads (guest's looking to stay in Sunriver) and (3) their success at converting those leads into sales. See the marketing question below.

Bennington, through a reputation of service excellence, has and continues to lead the industry (not only in Sunriver) in building a loyal base of return guests.  Our highly trained sales team continues to break records in converting vacation rental leads into sales.  This combination has made Bennington Properties the most successful vacation rental company in Sunriver.

4. What are the start-up costs?

Bennington Properties has no start-up costs (with the exception of any kitchen, safety, or other supplies you might purchase at wholesale cost from Bennington Properties).

We make joining our program EASY!  Whether you are a first time vacation rental owner or looking to switch from another management program, we make joining EASY. 

♦ A thoughtful and flexible Agreement
♦ No start-up costs
♦ No SHARC Rec+ Expense
♦ One-on-one consulting to make your property a successful vacation rental
♦ Every member of our Sales Team previews your property
♦ Complimentary deep clean
♦ Professional photography
♦ Unlimited webpage updates
♦ A full inventory of your property
♦ A full maintenance inspection
♦ A full safety inspection

5. How long of a commitment do I have to make?

For the first year we ask for a 12 month commitment.  After that our agreement will be on a 30 to 90 day cancelation policy depending on the size of your home.  Occasionally we will consider a 6 month initial commitment depending on the circumstances brought to us by a homeowner.

6. What are the fees for owner & family stays?

We charge no fees for owner or owner family stays.

7. Can I donate nights?

We encourage our owners to donate their property to auctions for their favorite charities.  Bennington will donate the cleaning fee and will even help with sending any marketing materials to the event to help make the auction a success. 

8. How do you establish nightly rates?

First and foremost rates are determined based on the property owner's individual goals.  We next look at location, amenities, comparable properties, and current marketing trends.  We revisit annually each property's rates to ensure we are meeting the owner's goals.

9. What marketing will you do for my home?

The goal of marketing in the vacation rental industry is to produce a large number of people interested in staying at your home (leads).  In Sunriver, Google is the number one source for vacation rental leads.  Bing, Yahoo,, and are distant seconds.  We market effectively and extensively on all six of these websites.  Our Sales Team generates leads by continually marketing, by phone and email, relevant and personalized information to people interested in Sunriver.  If someone is interested in staying in your home we will continue to follow up with them until they book.  No lead left behind!  Bennington Properties is leading the industry in converting leads into reservations using four unique ways; reputation, relationship-focused sales, web presence and technology.

Reputation.  Bennington Properties has effectively, since our start in 1998, taken great care of our guests.  This care has translated into a strong reputation of service excellence resulting in the highest percentage of return guests in the industry.

Relationship-Focused Sales.  By focusing on getting to know the guest and their individual needs our team is able to build relationships of loyalty and trust that has resulted in one of the highest lead conversion rates in the industry.

Web Presence.  Using the same philosophy and model that has made a success, we are continually improving and enhancing our website with the latest web technology resulting in a higher than industry average online booking rate.

Technology.  We use multiple forms of technology to market to guests. For email marketing we use a web based platform called REACH (Real-Time CRM Data Marketing System) that sends the right message to our clients at the right time to drive direct demand and increase revenue. Our Bennington smartphone App has become very popular among our guests and allows us to stay in contact before, during, and after their stay. Through the app we can let our clients know of special offers, promotions, and to encourage them to re-book your home for their next Sunriver vacation.

10. What types of amenities are guests looking for?

Based on years of experience in the vacation rental industry, we have compiled a list of popular amenities that many guests look for in a vacation rental home.

- Large BBQ's
- Hot Tubs
- Air Conditioning
- TV/DVDs in every bedroom (preferably Flat Panel TV’s)
- Well equipped kitchens (above and beyond basic requirements).
- Double appliances - especially refrigerators
- Recreation rooms with a TV, pool table and/or ping pong table
- Games such as Foosball, Ping Pong, Pool, and/or Air hockey (with extra balls)
- King Size beds
- Baby equipment (cribs, play pens, high chairs, etc.)  
- Seating at dining table for total number house sleeps
- Chaise lounges, Adirondack style chairs and small tables in deck and patio areas
- 5 blade/3 speed ceiling fans in all bedrooms

11. What makes a successful vacation rental property?

Our most successful vacation rentals have the following in common:

- Owners who care about the guest experience and are consistently adding little personal touches and upgrades to their property.
- Owners who are flexible on their personal use of the property; keeping their property open during the prime booking periods.
- Having most, if not all, of the amenities listed above.
- Strong web presence like properties managed by Bennington Properties

12. What Makes Bennington Properties different?

Our commission only program guarantees that we only get paid if you get paid. Vacation homes with Bennington Properties receive on average 30% more paid nights each year than with any other rental company in Sunriver.  Although we are very successful at providing our homeowners will a very high level of income, our first priority and responsibility is to care for your property. Here are just some of the ways we accomplish a very high level of care for your home:

♦ We are local, competent, and caring experts who will be looking after your property when you can't
♦ We guarantee that guest damage is resolved at no cost to our property owners. If we don’t catch it, we will cover the expense ourselves. This refers to damage of $500 or less.
♦ Automatic temperature monitors save you money and offer peace of mind in Winter and Summer.
♦ Electronic door locks offer increased security of your investments.
♦ 24/7 emergency maintenance service.
♦ Comprehensive annual preventative maintenance and safety inspections
♦ 60 to 90 minutes inspections after every guest
♦ A bike program to help divert liability away from the homeowner. 
100% Housekeeping Guarantee. We are very fortunate to have some of the most talented housekeepers in the Northwest. Our team of professionals prove day after day that they possess a unique set of talents that make them successful. We have a high level of housekeeping standards and in order to show you we stand behind these standards, we have developed the 100% Bennington Housekeeping Guarantee.

13. What type of expenses can I expect?

The following averages are based on the actual expenses for properties between 1600 to 2600 square feet.

(depends on SHARC assessment)
$1344 - $1740
Sunriver Water $850
Hot Tub Service
(through a local hot tub service provider)
Garbage $400
Cascade Natural Gas $700
Midstate Electric
(depends if electric only)
$1100 - $1800
Ongoing Maintenance
(snow plowing, roof repair, painting, etc.)
$500 - $1000
Total Expenses: $6034 - $7630

14. What gross rent can I expect?

Gross rent for a vacation rental depends on many factors including amount of owner use, location, amenities, age, online reviews, appearance, and more.  We have included an average gross rent for each property and the range of rent that the properties make within that category.

  Average Range
1 Bedroom $20,409 $14,931 - $28,206
2 Bedroom $25,494 $14,188 - $40,831
3 Bedroom $24,943 $15,107 - $36,912
4 Bedroom $32,928 $24,038 - $67,779
5 Bedroom $43,457 $34,213 - $58,922
6 Bedroom $83,012 $57,647 - $116,554

15. Should I allow pets in my home?

We don't recommend allowing any animals besides dogs (no cats, birds, etc.).  By allowing dogs, property owners increase the marketability of their properties, especially in the shoulder season. Empty nesters and young couples, our target market in the shoulder season, often travel with a family dog. If you decide to allow dogs into your rental property, you will increase your rental occupancy and your gross rental income.

We charge each guest a non-refundable fee when they bring along their family dog. This fee compensates the housekeeper for additional cleaning associated with a pet home. It is our goal that every Dog Loving Vacation Rentals® is as clean and well cared for as our non-pet properties. In our experience, dog damage is usually minimal. Scratches on hard wood floor is consider normal wear and tear, but guests are expected to pay for any carpet cleaning or wood door scratches (the most common “damage” caused by dogs).

PLEASE NOTE: Whether you allow dogs or not, service animals for any disability are not considered pets by law, cannot be restricted and pets fees cannot be charged.

16. Contact Us With Your Questions

Contact Shannon Gleasman or Robert W. Bennington to confirm why partnering with Bennington Properties is the BEST CHOICE for your Sunriver / Caldera Springs investment.  

Shannon Gleasman
Licensed Real Estate Broker / Reservations Sales Manager
Direct: 855.706.1654

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Robert W. Bennington
CEO, Owner
Cell: 541.948.0214

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