Make Your Own Craft Brew

bennington properties October.11.2018

Brew up your own Brew in Bend!

Make way to Immersion Brewing for a chance to craft up your own sudsy creation at the state’s first “Brew-It-Yourself” brewery.

You will even design your own label for the bottles!

Pick from 30 recipes and follow the recipe card that walks you through the step by step process.  If you need guidance an experienced brewer will also be by your side to walk you through it.

It takes about two weeks for it to ferment.  When you return you’ll carbonate, bottle and label your two cases of 22 oz. beers before taking them home.  Oregon residents who are unable to come back to bottle can have the brewery ship them to you.

The 2-hour session will produce about 5 gallons of beer!

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Story courtesy of Central Oregon Visitors Association