In the Spirit of the Season

bennington properties September.12.2018

Back to School Lesson the Sunriver Way!

Since it’s that time of year with lots of people of all ages going back to school or getting loved ones off to school, here are some fun facts about Sunriver.

You can call it a mini-lesson in French and History and give yourself an A+.

Our famous Deschutes River running through Sunriver that so many love and enjoy was named by French Fur Traders.Ā  The French spelling is “Riviere Des Chutes” and means “River of the Falls”.

When Lewis & Clark, first encountered the river in October 1805 they referred to it by the Native American name of “Towarnehiooks”.

And when the immigrants on the Oregon Trail came upon the river, they had to figure how to cross this major obstacle.

Numerous expeditions in the 1800’s were led along the banks of the river by explorers like Peter Skene Ogden, John Fremont, and Kit Carson.

While the Hudson Bay Company, trapped and set up settlements along the river.

Photo courtesy of John McClelland Photography