From the Desk of Ohana, VP of Dog Loving Vacations

bennington properties March.20.2019
A Paw-minder from Ohana: Woof!

What’s the perfect pairing for your Dog Loving Vacation Rental?

RuffWear Adventure Gear, of course! Check out a variety of items
during your stay at no cost to you!

Available gear to check out:
🐶 Track Jacket, a high visibility reflective, waterproof jacket.
🐶 Powder Hound Jacket, insulated and weather resistant it’s
ideal for cold-weather activities.
🐶 Approach Pack, lightweight pack lets your dog efficiently
carry a load so you can share more adventures.
🐶 Float Coat – Life Jacket, reflective trim and handle to pull your dog out of the water.
🐶 Knot-A-Hitch System, freedom to roam. The hitch system can be set up between two trees or secured to a single tree (post)

Swing by our office to check one out for your next adventure.

RuffWear – Track Jacket
RuffWear – Float Coat
RuffWear – Powder Hound Jackets
RuffWear – Knot a Hitch System