Fall Mountain Bike Ride List

bennington properties October.03.2018

This truly is the best time of year in Central Oregon

The weather is perfect, there are empty trails for mountain biking, hiking, etc…

It’s still warm enough to play in the water, but cool enough to bust out your favorite sweater.

After a day on the trail enjoy a fall festival. It’s the perfect time of year for a long weekend to recharge the batteries after a busy summer and hectic first month of school.

Try one of these trails this fall suitable for a range of skill levels.

Peterson Ridge Trail  |  A family friendly network of loops.  Fall provides some of the best views of the Deschutes National Forest.

North Fork of Tumalo Creek  |  Starting at the base of Tumalo Falls and climbs steely until level with the creek above the falls.  Follow a series of waterfalls through old growth forest.