Changing Sunriver Guest Expectations During COVID19

bennington properties May.27.2020

** These statistics are based on the opinions of thirty-three hundred Sunriver Travelers. **

How safe do you feel traveling to Sunriver and staying in a vacation rental during COVID19?

When do you plan to travel to Sunriver again?
87% of respondents said they plan to travel to Sunriver in 2020.

Which of the following actions are MUSTS for you and your family to feel safe?

95% ~ Disinfect all high touch surfaces for SARS-CoV2 before my arrival
51% ~ Ensure all Bennington staff wear masks while preparing the rental for my arrival
41% ~ Space reservations so we are not arriving same day someone is departing.
40% ~ Filter the air in the house for SARS-CoV2 before my arrival
24% ~ Virtually (instead of in person) assist me with any needs I might have in the house during my stay.

Which of the following info is the most valuable to you right now?

68% ~ Updates on what actions Bennington Properties is taking to protect my family when we travel to Sunriver next.
47% ~ Info on COVID19 stats in and around Sunriver (infections, hospitalization, etc.)
38% ~ Insider, locals knowledge, of fun things to do in and around Sunriver so I can start planning my next vacation.