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bennington properties August.08.2018

An Epic World Big Year

A self-professed bird nerd Noah Strycker of Oregon, set off in 2015 to become the first human to see more than half of the planet’s bird species in a 1-year, around-the-world birding trip.

Visiting 7 continents and carrying only a backpack, he enlisted the enthusiastic support of local birders to check off more than 6,000 species, including:

– Adelie Penguins in Antarctica
– Harpy Eagle in Brazil
– Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Thailand
– Green-breasted Pitta in Uganda

Enjoy an evening of humor and inspiring tales from his epic year!  Guaranteed you will leave with a new appreciation of birds and bird lovers.

A book signing will follow.

Tickets: $10/person  |  Register to attend >>>

Presented by Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory and East Cascades Audubon Society.

Location:  Sunriver SHARC Aquatics & Recreation Center

Photo credit: Noah Strycker