Big News! Sunriver Aquatics Center

bennington properties December.09.2018

Complimentary Access to Sunriver Fitness & Aquatics Center

Enjoy additional amenities during your stay.

Work out in the fitness gym, play in the indoor pool, and go climb a wall in the rock gym.

Grab a board and go surfing indoors on the surfing flowrider (available at an additional charge).

Especially, important is this gives our guests access to an indoor pool during the fall, winter, and spring at about a 10th of the cost of the SHARC.

Guests staying in our vacation rental homes without SHARC passes will now have the choice between Sage Springs Spa and Sunriver Fitness.

Most exciting is that now Bennington Properties has something to offer young families during the offseason (Sage Springs is only for guests 14 or older).

Formally, known as Mavericks located on the North end of Sunriver.

Quantity is limited per stay.  This offer cannot be combined with the Choose Your Water Play offer.  Additional Details