20 Years of Family Memories

bennington properties November.03.2018

December 8, 1998, is when the story of Bennington Properties began in Sunriver.

But the Bennington Family started many, many years before that in Hawaii.

Reflecting on the last 20 years wouldn’t be possible without Penny & Gene. Their dedication, faith, loyalty, and perseverance have left a legacy not only with their son Robert, daughter in law Holly, and 6 grandchildren but also with their employees who they treat like family.

Take a journey down #familymemoriesforever with us:
.. In 1997, Robert was off to Oregon State University and Gene & Penny decided to move to Sunriver.
.. 6 Pineridge was the 1st vacation rental in 1998 and is still on the rental program today.
.. The 1st office was located where the current Wildwood Coffee House is now home too.
.. Our current office building was constructed in 2005.
.. Penny’s sister Carolyn was one of the original employees.

Stay tuned for more as we celebrate Bennington Properties 20th Anniversary.