Sam, Property Services Coordinator

Sam joined Bennington Properties in 2018. She worked in Guest and Owner Services for one year before joining the Property Services team. She’s lived in Oregon for six years. Sam ended up in Bend because Central Oregon reminds her of her small hometown of Chester, California, but with more amenities and ready access to endless outdoor explorations by foot, bike, or kayak. When she decided to relocate from Southern Oregon a few years ago, she felt like it was the right fit.

Sam’s only child is her “dogter,” Ginger, an 11-year old Lab, Boxer, and Staffordshire mix.

Sam’s favorite childhood memory is when her Mom used to tow her and her brother in a sled behind their Suburban on unpaved roads in the winter, which may have kicked off her love of the outdoors!

When she’s not working, you can find Sam cruising to her next outdoor adventure— usually snowboarding or backpacking. You may also find her listening to live music, devouring a book, or planning her next grand adventure. Sam has travelled in 32 countries and is happily maintaining her goal of averaging one country travelled for each year of her life. Next on her list? Morocco, for the beautiful architecture and tasty food. Her craziest adventure to date was riding a motorcycle around South East Asia for three months.

Her favorite season in Central Oregon is summer because she loves to sleep under the stars. If she were planning a vacation for friends visiting Sunriver, Sam would most look forward to sharing the unique volcanic landscape and caves across Central Oregon—just a short drive from Sunriver.

Sam’s favorite local meal is at Ariana in Bend. She recently celebrated her anniversary with her partner and thought the cuisine and service perfectly matched the occasion—delicious and special!

Sam is perfectly suited for her role at Bennington Properties because travel is in her blood! Her favorite thing about working with Bennington Properties is the people—fellow associates and guests!

As a new addition to the Bennington crayon box, Sam would describe herself as a layered rainbow crayon. Start coloring and think it’s just red, but after a bit it turns orange, then yellow and so on. For Sam, life is about growth and change so she doesn’t want to be the same “color” forever!

If a genie granted Sam a wish, she’d ask to watch how the Universe came about with fast forward, pause, and play capabilities. She is most inspired by people who aren’t afraid to chase their dreams and get back up after they fall.

Three Things You Might Not Know about Sam

♦ If she had your undivided attention for an hour, she’d want to teach you about the importance of caring for the earth since this is our one and only planet!
♦ When Sam was young, she was really into Jacque Cousteau and wanted to be a marine biologist.
♦ Sam can peel bananas and tie shoes with her toes—seriously!

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