Richard and JJ, Professional Housekeepers

Richard and JJ are a husband and wife housekeeping team. They met in 2004, were married in 2006, and they have been a housekeeping duo with Bennington Properties since 2016. Now being Certified Professional Housekeepers, they enjoy working in Sunriver and being surrounded by nature as well as developing relationships with the people they work with. They are motivated by a beautiful result and instilling a sense of hard work and accomplishment within their two teenage boys. They take an immense amount of pride in every home they clean.

When they aren’t working, JJ and Richard enjoy spending time with their boys. Richard grew up in Ridgecrest, California and JJ grew up in Pendleton, Oregon where she spent her happiest days by the river. As an adult, JJ still enjoys spending time on the water, swimming or floating the Deschutes with her family. Their perfect day consists of waking up together, drinking a mocha, and allowing the day to fall into place. Some of their favorite activities also include hiking and exploring the nature surrounding Central Oregon.

JJ says that they are currently living their dream, but when asked to list a few more, she said that their dreams are for their boys to go to college as well as for her and her husband to buy a house and spend many more anniversaries together.

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