Richard and JJ, Professional Housekeepers

Husband and wife team Richard and JJ Robbins are professional housekeepers at Bennington Properties. In fact, they have been pretty much inseparable for since they both began housekeeping, first for three years at a housekeeping service and now with Bennington Properties. Before entering the industry, Richard managed the Bend-based supply store Pakit and JJ was a homemaker.

Richard and JJ’s story began even before JJ moved to La Pine in 1988. Richard grew up in Ridgecrest, California while JJ was born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon. Both moved to Central Oregon because their families relocated here. JJ’s brother moved here first and quickly became best friends with Richard, with whom he shared a last name! Once JJ followed in 2004, it was love at first sight, and she didn’t even have to change her last name when they married! Now they live in Sunriver with their two boys.

As a kid, Richard hunted rattlesnakes and “borrowed” the occasional 3-wheeler near his death valley home. As a boy, he was so good at football that he received several college scholarship offers. Meanwhile, JJ would head to the train bridge near where she grew up and jump off it. She also snagged pigeon eggs and tried to hatch them.

When not working, JJ loves to write short stories, poems, and narratives, and lists her favorite author as Steven King. She also likes to draw tribal or abstract art, or whatever happens to be in her head at the time. Richard prefers to spend time hanging out with his boys playing video games—especially Black Ops—or tossing the football. He also likes to fish, swim in their secret spot on the Little Deschutes River, and hike.

Both JJ and Richard like the fact there is so much do here, in every season. But, JJ’s favorite season is summer and water sports. Meanwhile, Richard prefers the fall when it’s not quite as hot. JJ and Richard do share an affinity for working at Bennington, though.

“I love working at Bennington. It’s awesome. I love what I do and seeing the end result.” - JJ
“Bennington is a great place to work. They seem to really care.” - Richard

JJ and Richard’s Fun Summer Day

Above Ground - Head to the River Trail and hike to Benham Falls. It’s perfectly peaceful on the trail!

Below Ground - If the summer’s heat is too much for you, grab your headlamp and head to the Lava River Cave in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument area. If you’d like a guide, Wanderlust Tours has daily departures at 9 am and 1:30 pm.

Water Bound - Obviously, a full day could be spent just hanging out by any water! But, a day spent at Wickiup Reservoir allows for swimming, boating, and fishing.

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