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WELCOME TO BENNINGTON! We are so glad you chose Sunriver as the location for your second home. We have a team of Owner Services and maintenance associates standing by to assist you.  Our team is available 7 days a week to assist you and 24 hours a day for emergencies. Please stop by our office to meet our team of professionals.  Enjoy a complimentary drink while you relax by the fireplace in our living room.

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Bennington's Prime Directive

At Bennington Properties we have two Prime Directives; (1) to ensure that our homeowner's investment receives the highest level of care and protection and (2) that it generates the highest level of income possible for a Sunriver home of its size and style.

Bennington's Vacation rental standards

Our Vacation Rental Standards are designed to accomplish four goals. (1) To create the best possible experience for our guests, (2) to maximize the number of repeat guests and ensure their safety and comfort, (3) to save our property owners money over the long term, and (4) to give our housekeeping team the best possible chance of achieving the first three goals. Properties will be fully evaluated by Bennington Properties to ensure they meet these standards on an annual basis. Exceptions to this list are possible, but must be approved by the Bennington Family.  Click here to view our full list of standards.

Vacation Rental Insurance

In our overly litigious society it is critical that you are adequately protected against liability claims. By offering your property for rent to the public, you are running a business and are accepting all of the risks associated with that business. Before you rent your property and each time you visit your property there after, make sure you do a thorough walk-thru and remedy any potential hazards. Our rule of thumb is if you think it may be a hazard; fix-it immediately. Here are some important things to think about when insuring your vacation rental.  Learn more.

Wear & Tear vs Guest Damage

The first defense against damage is to prevent certain high risk groups from renting in the first place. Our sales team does a phenomenal job of identifying guests of a questionable nature and keeping them out of your home.  On the same day a guest departs from your home an inspector is sent to do a full security check. They focus on making sure that all your windows and doors are locked, that your lights, oven, and stove are turned off, and that there aren't any wet towels sitting on your bed or wood floor. They ensure that there is no running water, that your home was left by the guest in an acceptable state of cleanliness, and that there is no significant damage.  What is and what is not guest damage is not always black and white. Here is a very general introduction to some common types of wear and tear.  Learn more.

Noxious Weeds of Sunriver

In March 2002, Deschutes County enacted Ordinance 2002-037 establishing a countywide Weed Control District, which states: "Every person, firm or corporation owning or occupying land within Deschutes county shall destroy or prevent the seeding on such land any noxious weeds within the meaning of ORS 570.515 to 570.600 or declared to be noxious by the Board. No weed declared noxious shall be permitted (to produce seed) by the owner or occupier.  Learn more.

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