Lisa Beal, Vacation Planner

Lisa is a native Oregonian, making her way to Central Oregon over 20 years ago. She and her future husband have three sons, Devon (17), Logan (16), and Jaden (13). Lisa has two dogs named Boba and Aurra, after her family’s favorite Star Wars characters. She joined Bennington Properties in August, 2018.

Lisa is a huge fan of rock hounding. Hunting all over Central Oregon for Opal, Jasper, Obsidian, and Petrified Wood is a favorite activity for she and her family—dogs included! If she had your undivided attention for an hour, Lisa would teach you all about cutting thunder eggs and tumbling your found rock treasures along with a fun lesson about how these gems are formed.

Lisa’s favorite part about being a Bennington Properties Associate is her co-workers because of their warmth and helpful and welcoming ways. When she was younger, Lisa enjoyed ice and roller figure skating and wanted to go pro when she grew up.

Lisa’s dream vacation, outside of Sunriver, is a Bohemian resort called “Lumina Point,” which has beach-front huts and a ferry that takes guests to nearby Pig Island, where you can actually with the pigs that live there.

If someone mysteriously granted Lisa a million dollars, having been adopted herself, Lisa would donate the funds to foster families to send them on vacation. She’s also very passionate about youth suicide prevention and anti-bullying.

Lisa loves that a vacation home in Sunriver gives guests the feeling of being out in the woods, isolated from “city life,” but with so many amenities and adventures just a short drive away. She loves that the area just beckons you to go outside and be in nature, away from televisions and video games, encouraging outdoor play and fun.

Lisa is super inspired by her fiancé’s mother. She worked for Salvation Army for over 30 years and she is the kindest person Lisa has ever met. No matter the situation, she can comfort with her kind words and thoughts and really makes any circumstances better. She had a tough life and still is kind and thoughtful and such a wonderful soul.

The most memorable gift Lisa ever received is a hand-crafted table set made by her Uncle Larry. He was like a father to Lisa in her teens and taught her much about life and relationships.

Lisa is fascinated by the mind of serial and spree killers and is studying Criminal Justice, so it’s no big surprise that her favorite movie is “Silence of the Lambs.”

Three Little-known Lisa Facts

♦ Her elbows are double-jointed.
♦ Those who know her best would say she is upbeat, positive, and happy.
♦ If she were a crayon, Lisa would be a deep purple.

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