Kirsten, Guest Services Manager

Kirsten, the Guest Services Manager, joined the Bennington Properties team in 2019 after many years of experience in the hospitality industry. She now oversees the Guest Services department, managing the Guest Services team and ensuring an excellent quality of service during the day-to-day operations at the front office. She is proud to be certified as both a Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT) and Guest Services Professional (CGSP) through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

Growing up in Grants Pass and Crescent, Oregon, Kirsten created wonderful childhood memories of spending time outdoors with family and skipping school to swim in the river or hike near lakes. During her time at the coast with her grandparents each year, she found a love for the ocean and began dreaming of becoming a marine biologist and building a life of her own on the coast. As she got older, her dreams shifted and she realized she wanted to become a civil rights lawyer, hoping to make a difference in the lives of others. She is still working toward this dream, planning to take the LSAT this fall and attend law school in 2021.

She had worked with Bennington Properties in previous positions in the industry and always admired our commitment to living out the company values and genuinely building into the life of each employee, causing her to decide to join the team herself. She is now a valuable part of Bennington Properties, and during her time with us, she hopes to expand upon the five-star touches we provide and prioritize mindfulness when interacting with her team and our guests.

When she isn't working, Kirsten enjoys getting outside with her daughter, husband, and two dogs. She participates in all of the seasonal activities Central Oregon has to offer by gathering mushrooms in the Spring, going to lakes in the Summer, enjoying festivals and pumpkin patches in the Fall, and going sledding with her daughter in the Winter. While her hobbies might change with the seasons, her house decor does not and Halloween decorations are left on display year-round since she considers herself a goth at heart.

If you’re traveling to Central Oregon, Kirsten recommends taking a moment to simply exist and enjoy nature by going to Benham Falls, taking a drive to the many lakes in the area, or relaxing by the river.

Kirsten’s Dreams

♦ Make a difference in the world
♦ Be happy
♦ Own a home with a mini-farm!

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