Juanita, Lead Professional Housekeeper

Lead Professional Housekeeper Juanita Mathers has trained and mentored our housekeeping team and assisted our Housekeeping Coordinator in scheduling daily housekeeping tasks since 2011. Prior to joining the Bennington Properties team, Juanita worked at several other motels and vacation rentals, including the Inn of the Seventh Mountain.

Juanita was born in Bakersfield, California. When she was twelve years old, Juanita moved with her family to Redmond, Oregon to be close to the rest of her very large family. While they did move to Oklahoma for a stint, they got chased out by the bugs and tornados. Juanita has now called Central Oregon home for over 31 years. She has four children.

Juanita grew up close to her large family and used to play in the woods and build forts with her cousins. These days, Juanita enjoys hiking, rock hunting and the feel of dirt on her hands when gardening. She loves the outdoors, so she spends as much time as possible enjoying Mother nature with her family.

“I really like the beauty of this place. There’s lots to do. You can hike the river trail in the old mill or just head into the woods.”

After a long day at work, Juanita likes to read and do jigsaw puzzles. An interesting fact about Juanita is that two of her children have also worked for Bennington Properties! She has never worked at a place as fun as here.

“I feel appreciated. Bennington Properties is a great company to work for. I feel like I work with my family.”

Juanita’s Favorite Rock Hunting Spots

Glass Butte - Located off Highway 20, near milepost 76, Glass Butte has many different kinds of Obsidian. Check out the multiple colors the rocks.

Hampton Butte - There are lots of great hikes and rocks in this Wilderness Study Area outside of Prineville, Oregon.

Almost Anywhere - Simply take a hike and search for cool stones. The hunt is good near waterfalls, of which Oregon as plenty.

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