COVID19 Updates

** This page last updated June 4, 2020. **

Sunriver Is OPEN for visitors!

Most of Sunriver is open with social distancing protocols in place.  What's open and what's not?


Yes and No.  We are advising our guests that SHARC is essentially closed because access has been restricted so tightly. You do have a small chance to get into the SHARC if the owner of the home provides year round passes, but that chance is so slight we don't want any of our guests pinning their hope on the SHARC this year. Imagine 25,000 people trying to get into 200 open slots every day, that is how difficult it will be.  Passes require year long commitments and are very expensive, so most Sunriver owners do not buy them. 

For 95% of visitors this summer, unless the SHARC opens to general admission, you will not be able to access the SHARC. Things may change depending on the Governor of Oregon, but there is no telling what will happen. We just want to make you aware of how things are now so you can plan accordingly. Sunriver is a wonderful place to vacation regardless of the SHARC and we are sure your family will have an amazing time!

The BEST places to swim in and around Sunriver.

What is your COVID19 cancellation policy?

During this challenging time, we want you to have the flexibility to take care of your family. For reservations with arrival dates on or before September 30th.  If you cancel your reservation at least 14 days before your arrival, you have the following options:

  1. Receive a full credit to rebook your reservation in the future.
  2. Receive a refund, minus a cancellation fee of 10% of your total reservation costs up to a maximum of $250

Reservations canceled within 14 days will receive a full credit to rebook in the future.

** This policy subject to change as the crisis changes.**

How do I book online with a gift certificate?

Please enter the amount of the gift certificate in the notes and any details (like if it is under a different name) and we will process the gift certificate on your reservation before charging any remaining final balance on your credit card.

For example: "Front Line Gift Certificate $500"

What are Bennington COVID19 Cleaning & Disinfecting Standards?

We spent our stay-at-home time becoming experts in hospital level cleaning and disinfecting standards.  COVID19 Vacation Rental Disinfecting Standards.





Are you offering discounts due to COVID19?

We are not currently offering any COVID19 discounts. However, our nightly rates have been adjusted down to reflect the current economic situation.  See year round special offers.

Are there any perks when staying with Bennington?

At Bennington we focus on providing the highest quality vacation rentals; exceptionally clean and that our clients receive prompt, extraordinary communication.  AND . . . . .  we love giving perks to our guests.Here is our current list of guest perks.

Can I check in early or check-out late?

We are not allowing late departures and we cannot guarantee early arrivals at this time.  If our cleaning team completes their cleaning and disinfecting procedures early, we will text you, as soon as possible, the day of your arrival.

Can I play tennis?

Tennis courts are open and available via reservation only.  More info.

Are grocery stores stocked?

Yes, our two local grocery stores are keeping up with the high demand.

Do you have loaner bikes?

We do not have loaner bikes.  All of our homes are outfitted with at least 2 adult bikes.  See the property listing for the exact number of bikes provided.

Can I adjust when my final payment is due?

We are allowing our guests to postpone their final payment to 14 days prior to arrival. Please EMAIL US to change your reservation details.

How many COVID19 cases are there in Sunriver?

There are no known public cases of COVID19 in Sunriver at this time.  Deschutes County has had very few cases since the pandemic started.  Click here for current COVID19 stats for Deschutes County.

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