Collette, Vacation Planner

Collette grew up in Menlo Park, California with her seven siblings. Her family is very close which is likely why so many of her siblings migrated to the Portland area in 1990 and what inspired them to travel from all over the country to meet in celebration of Collette’s 60th birthday recently, so it’s no surprise that Collette’s favorite family tradition is their annual reunion on the McKenzie River complete with campfire songs, whitewater rafting, and plenty of dancing.

Collette caught the vacation industry bug when she became a travel agent in 2012 and joined Bennington Properties in July, 2018. Besides the people, Collette’s favorite feature about Bennington Properties is our Dog Loving™ vacation rental homes because Collette and her husband love to travel with their Daschund, Jake, and know that Bennington has thought of every doggy detail for their four-legged and two-legged guests! She also thinks the Bennington Properties dog park and dog washing station are really neat.

Collette and her husband have four grown children and two grandchildren who love to visit our region. Lucky for them, she and her husband are Sunriver locals and know all the best spots! Collette highly recommends kayaking or swimming in the Deschutes River, with your pup, if they love the water like Jake does. She also loves having a meal at Elk Lake—lunch with a view! Collette loves Sunriver most for its serenity, beauty, and the inevitable deer sighting. When she’s not working, you can find Collette camping, hiking, swimming in the lakes, or playing Scrabble.

Collette’s dream vacation outside of Sunriver is to travel Europe because she’s a total history and architecture buff!

A funny thing happened to Collette once: She was at a small music venue in San Francisco in the late 90’s, visiting a musician friend. As she ascended the stairs to the venue, she saw the person in front of her was wearing wooden Dutch shoes, so of course, she said, “cute shoes!” The person turned to respond and Collette quickly realized it was none other than Robin Williams! He stayed with Collette throughout the performance and spent the break with she and her sister, throughout which he spoke like Popeye while Collette’s sister mimicked Olive Oil. He never broke character and Collette laughed until she cried! As Robin left, Collette and her sister saw his car—the same Jeep he drove in “Mork and Mindy.” It was a surreal moment for Collette and still puts a smile on her face!

When Collette was young, she dreamt of being an Interior Designer and Decorator. She used to move the furniture in her room all the time and would even cut out furniture clippings from the Sears catalog to envision her dream home. She’s remodeled 11 homes in total, so she’s come close to achieving her dream!

A Few Fun Facts about Collette

♦ Collette loves Asian antiques and art.
♦ She plays the guitar and leads a mean sing-a-long.
♦ Her craziest adventure involved an elephant ride in Indonesia with deadly coco snakes hanging overhead.

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