Cherie, Quality Assurance Inspector

Cherie Schmidt has been an inspector at Bennington Properties since 2013. Before joining the Bennington team, Cherie honed her skills at another Central Oregon vacation rental business. She really appreciates the high standards at Bennington Properties, as well as the approachable nature of the owners, and the fact Robert knows everyone’s name.

Cherie was born and raised in Medford, Oregon. She spent her time in Southwestern Oregon with her brother and their small dog. Summers would find them at the Applegate River, swimming the day away. If the family ventured away from Medford, they would be developing their love for the outdoors through camping, hunting, and fishing.

“I remember when I first learned about Central Oregon. I used to go hunting in Eastern Oregon with my dad. We had a family deer camp—complete with a fireplace my dad and uncle built— that was very special to me and my family. Those times were very influential to me moving here.” - Cherie

Cherie’s schooling included graduating from a beauty school, with a hairdresser’s degree. She spent some time following that career, even for a year when she first moved to LaPine in 2005. Cherie is recently married and two wonderful kids, one daughter and one son.

As you may have guessed from her hobbies, Cherie loves summer, and hates winter. When she’s not working, she can be found on her kayak, exploring the many lakes and rivers of Central Oregon. While on dry land, Cherie throws her truck into four-wheel drive and tackles the local topography.

When she leaves town, Cherie likes to hike out to the clear waters of the Tamolitch Blue Pool off the McKenzie River. Otherwise, she heads the the coastal redwoods of Southwest Oregon.

At home, Cherie is a bit of an artist and is very crafty. She likes to print and draw, mostly landscapes. Cherie also likes to refurbish old things.

“I love the people an the fact the Bennington’s know who works for them and appreciates all of us.” - Cherie

Cherie’s Ideas for a Fun Day

1. Kayaking - Try some river kayaking on the County’s namesake river! The close to town adventure will seem like you’re a world away.
2. High Desert Museum - Grab the kids and spend a day hands-on learning at the High Desert Museum. Don’t forget to check out both the inside and outside exhibits!

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