Chatta, Vacation Planner

Vacation Planner Chatta Tsuchiguchi has worked for Bennington Properties since 2006. She moved up to Central Oregon from a town just south of San Jose; Morgan Hill, California. An impromptu ski trip to Mount Bachelor led her away from the sunny confines of her Northern California home and introduced her to a seemingly whole new world.

“The beauty and diversity of Central Oregon was as unexpected as it was thrilling. The air was so crisp and the colors so vivid, I felt as if I had been living in a black and white world.”

As a child, Chatta, her brother and sister were convinced their parents were trying to stay one step ahead of the law; as they never lived in the same house for more than one Christmas. The only problem with their wild theory was that their father was the law. Born in Idaho, Chatta and her family moved to Alaska early on as their dad left the Sheriff’s Department and accepted a position with Alaska’s Territorial Police. His job took them to Anchorage, Juno, Fairbanks and finally, Seward.

Chatta and her siblings would often follow their father to catch salmon and pan for gold. Ironically, Chatta was more concerned with helping the fish escape and searching for the sparkling, “fool’s gold,” than catching a meal or striking it rich. Several close calls with the wild bears and moose prompted Chatta’s mother to decide it was time to head back to the lower 48. So, they packed up their belongs and camped their way down the ALCAN highway to Utah.

After a couple of years in Utah, Chatta and her family traded in the mountains for the sunshine and ocean beaches of California. By the age of 18, Chatta settled amongst the orange groves of San Jose. The next 12 years were spent settling down, getting married, and raising three children. She also enjoyed a successful career with Sun Microsystems. And, she was afforded the opportunity to travel to Israel, Egypt, Thailand, and Mexico. At thirty, Morgan Hill felt like the place she wanted to live out her years.

Then, she discovered Sunriver. After her ski trip, she returned to California to sell their home, resign from her job, and head north. She packed up her husband, horses, dog and bird, and relocated to our high desert paradise.

Now in Central Oregon for well over a decade, Chatta enjoys all it has to offer. She appreciates being able to ski in the morning, then float the river in the afternoon. Or, her day could consist of scrambling through a lava tube, then fly fishing the Deschutes. Her ten grandchildren agree, this is the best place ever!

Even her job is on Chatta’s fun list. She likes working alongside her happy co-workers, and assisting our guests. But, if you ever catch her with a far-off look in her eye, she’s probably just thinking of competing in a 50-mile endurance horseback ride alongside her daughter.

“I love being in a position to help guests find the home that is a perfect fit.”

Chatta’s Favorite, Often Overlooked, Good Times

Oregon Observatory - Sunriver’s best kept secret! Combine Sunriver’s elevation with darkened surroundings and crystal clear air, and you get perfect ingredients for stargazing.

Big Obsidian Flow - A fun hike on a mountain of black glass. The easy trail is less than a mile and takes you across a 1300 year old lava flow.

High Desert Museum - This interactive museum just north of Sunriver, off highway 97, features 135 acres of indoor and outdoor wildlife exhibits, a collection of native animals, and hands-on programs for the entire family.

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