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Are you ready for the Secrets of Sunriver?

Are you ready for the Secrets of Sunriver?

1. Oregon Observatory

Oregon Observatory is an astronomical observatory located in the heart of Sunriver. Take a look at distant galaxies. Take in a meteor shower. View globular clusters, nebulae, and binary stars in deep space, as well as our nearest star, the Sun. Telescopes with different sizes and lenses are available to enjoy the magnificent views of the skies and learn more about our universe. Don’t worry, there’s an astronomer that will guide you on these activities.

Visit to find out and have this incredible experience!

2. Dog Sledding

Add a magical experience to your Sunriver getaway by riding with a dog sled team! Join Rachel Scdoris, the first legally blind person and the youngest person to complete the thousand-mile Alaska Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, as she runs with her dogs on the Oregon Trail of Dreams!  Gliding over the snow while sightseeing the scenery of an all-white Mt. Bachelor – it’s surely one for the books! The journey lasts about one hour and starts on the base of Mt. Bachelor. At the end of the race, you can pet those adorable puppies, play with them, feed them treats, and cuddle with them! 

Visit to book your dog sledding adventure.

3. Boyd Cave

Gear up on a helmet with a headlamp! Let’s go underground and explore Boyd Cave with Wanderlust Tours! It’s a 1,880 ft long lava tube cave formed about 10,000 years ago by the Newberry Volcano. Located about 30 minutes from Sunriver, it has a relatively flat cave floor which is easy to navigate. There’s a sturdy steel ladder leading down to the cave floor.  You’ll fall in love with geology after exploring it, and it’s fun to do with loved ones and friends. 

Visit to book your caving adventure. 

4. Harper’s Bridge

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in Sunriver is by getting on the water. Harper’s Bridge is situated on the Deschutes River about 1 mile outside Sunriver. Entering at Harpers Bridge is great way to experience the Deschutes River by SUP, canoe, or kayak. The river is amazing at any time of day, but mornings are especially wonderful. 

Visit to find Harpers Bridge on Google Maps.

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